May Empties 2014

may empties

And just like that, it’s the beginning of a new month. Like always, I kept a bag of all my beauty trash in my bathroom, so I could show all you lovely people and tell you all about them. I am always amazed by how much can manage to finish at the end of the month. It makes me feel good, like I’m actually using the things I spent my money on. It also means there is room in my bathroom for new things! I finished a few very well loved products this month, and it is actually a little sad to see some of the them go.

michael todd, loreal elnett, eos shave cream

EOS Shave Cream in Pomegranate Raspberry: First off, yes, all shave cream should come in pump form, so much easier!! This shave cream is very thick, so it doesn’t wash off too quickly while you are shaving. It definitely left my skin soft and hydrated. I find most shave creams drying, and this was far from it. The smell was light and yummy. Would probably repurchase if I noticed it on sale, but I’m currently using  more natural cream I really love.

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil: Awhile back I had a small bottle of the Moroccanoil Treatment Oil, and fell in love. It is pretty expensive so when I finished it I opted for this much cheaper drugstore version. This is no where near 100% argan oil, and instead is a mix of chemicals, a few oils, and way too much fragrance. While it did help to keep my hair smooth, I think it actually ended up drying out my hair. Definitely not repurchasing!

Michael Todd True Organics Cranberry Antiox Toner: Oh how sad the day was when I finished this lovely toner. Michael Todd products work so well, I really see a difference in my skin. This cranberry toner is rich in antioxidants and natural bacteria fighting elements to give healthy, hydrated, glowy skin. When I used this everyday, twice a day, my skin was so clear. Now that I’ve finished it, things haven’t been looking the same. I will definitely repurchase this, along with some other Michael Todd toners.

L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray Unscented: This hairspray was all the rage on YouTube for a little while, and as a frizzy haired girl I’m always looking at taming products. The large bottle lasted me so long, but didn’t fit in my medicine cabinet. Elnett is supposed to give strong hold without the crunch, and I’d say it definitely works. I can easily overdo the hairspray, but my hair rarely felt crunchy. I totally would repurchase this, but instead I’ve opted for a natural, non aerosol spray. Save the earth, ya’ll!

smashbox primer, bareminerals, revlon grow luscious

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara: I don’t think I’ll ever find the perfect mascara. Sigh. The wand on this Revlon mascara was HUGE. I think every time I used it I got mascara on my lid and under my eye. It was just difficult to use! The first month or so, the mascara would flake a lot, and by the end of the day I was looking a little panda-y. As the mascara dried out a bit, things got better, but I still kept poking myself.

Smashbox PhotoFinish Dark Spot Correcting Primer: Oh so expensive, oh so lovely. I didn’t understand the point of primer until I used this. Smashbox knows what they are doing! This primer kept my make up on but didn’t feel heavy or sticky on the skin. The ‘Dark Spot Correcting’ aspect actually worked. I think. I tend to get a lot of acne scarring on my chin, and with constant use, I’m pretty sure I saw a difference. For $42 I’m not sure I’d repurchase, but I’m definitely going to think about it…

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder: This has been discontinued, so I won’t bother talking about it much. This finely milled powder kept me matte throughout the day without looking cakey. I’ve heard good things about the replacement, Dream Wonder Powder, so maybe I’ll try that.

bareMinerals Original in Medium Beige (sample size): I had never tried anything from bareMinerals, so when they were having a deal at Sephora for a free sample, I knew I had to try it. I really love mineral powder because it is lightweight and feels so good on the skin. I was pleasantly surprised by the bareMinerals formula. I thought it would be heavy, or too shimmery, but it actually felt really good and looked really natural. I currently use the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder, but I’d try a full size of the BM one.

Well that’s all my empties for this month! I am going to do a sample clean out this month, so next month’s empties will probably be very different.
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11 thoughts on “May Empties 2014

  1. Great post! I totally agree on the Organix oil with you. I hated it so much on my hair because it made it look greasy and dried it out after a while too! I ended up using it as a body oil which didn’t work well either but I at least I used it up. So jealous you have the full EOS range in the US!

    xx Dina

  2. Omg I LOVE Michael Todd! I’ve been using their acne line and my skin has never lookd better! Also, I really want to take the plunge and get a full size of the smashbox primer! I was thinking about getting the blemish clearing one but since I’m already using an effective acne system the mark fading oned might be my best bet!! Also, I use that same shave at the moment! Great post 🙂

  3. I really enjoy using Smashbox’s Hydrating Primer, and I can’t wait to try the rest of the line. I tried Michael Todd’s Tropical Fruit Scrub, but found that it took FOREVER to get off my skin. My skin did feel smooth after, but I feel like it could also clog my pores because you could easily miss rinsing off some of the scrub if you’re not careful. So far I’m on the fence about MT but their Cranberry Toner sounds lovely!

    1. I have the Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Scrub and ALSO find it is hard to get off my face! Weird…I have a bunch of other products from the range though, and the rest are wonderful!

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