Natural Products #4

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If you’ve been reading my blog for the past year, you may know I am trying to use more natural products in my beauty regimen. I’ve blogged about the book I was reading, my favorite companies, and focused on the products I was trying as I used them (#1, #2 and #3). Rather than purging my whole collection and starting anew, I have been slowing adapting to buying more natural items when I run out of something or am out shopping. It can be HARD to make the transition, but I guarantee you it will be worth it. My skin has never looked so good.

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Cosmetic products contain a number of chemicals that can cause cancer, infections, rashes, cancer, itchy skin, bumps, and did I mention cancer? Most women use up to 12 products a day. If you are using conventional products, that is a crapload of chemicals making their way into your blood stream.

eco tools brushes, make up, bruses

Eco Tools Brushes

A true blogger doesn’t wash her brushes before taking a picture.

Eco Tools brushes are made from bamboo, recycles aluminum and synthetic bristles (save the animals). This cruelty free brand can easily be found at Target and Ulta. Eco Tools makes a number of different brushes so you can get exactly what you’re looking for pretty easily. Here I show my most used, the round powder brush and flat shadow brush. These two are some of my favorites. The bristles are super soft and after a number of washes don’t seem to have fallen apart AT ALL!

skin fare coconut oil sample

Skinfare Organic Coconut Oil (Sample size shown)

I received this little sample of Skinfare coconut oil in a Goodebox. (Check out Goodebox if you’re looking for monthly natural samples!) Skinfare’s product line is of stick coconut oils mixed with essential oils to fix a variety of skin problems. I think my favorite part is the packaging, it is made of recycled cardboard that can be recycled, so after you’re done using it, it goes back into the system of recycling (AKA NO WASTE!) I have mostly been using this sample size as a lip balm because it is the perfect size for my purse. I also use it as a moisturizer for on the go! I am definitely interested in trying more of Skinfare’s coconut oil in the stick form, after all, I do LOVE coconut oil.

juice beauty, juice beauty fig, lip gloss

Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Fig

I’m pretty sure I made this beauty discovery from an Ipsy bag, which is always a fun way to discover new products. For a really long time I only had like one lip gloss, but I definitely have always been a lip gloss lover. Have you ever thought about where you lip product goes when it wears off your lips? It doesn’t just evaporate into thin are. You eat it. Like, where else would it go? As the days where on and you smack you lips, eat, drink, it finds its way into your stomach. So now if I’m going to be EATING it, I want it to contain the best ingredients possible. This Juice Beauty lip glosses smell great, feel great, and come in really flattering, natural looking shades. The color fig is a mauvey shimmer that is a great everyday shade.

andalou naturals pore pure serum, andalou clarifying

Andalou Naturals Pure Pore Serum

Gosh, how many times can I mention this? (I can do it here and here) I have pretty normal skin, but tend to get very congested pores on my chin and nose. The pores on my cheeks also tend to be quite large. Biologically, there isn’t much I can do about size, but using the right products can keep them clear, making them appear smaller. The Andalou Naturals Pure Pore Serum has become a godsend to me. It was the first product I ever used that I REALLY saw a difference in my skin. The serum blends into my skin well and doesn’t feel heavy or tacky. Willow bark is a pure product that natural works to clarify the skin. My chin has still been quite congested these days, but the serum helps to keep things clean and fresh.

What natural products do you love to use?

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12 thoughts on “Natural Products #4

  1. I adore eco tools brushes, particularly when I’m doing my eye makeup. Haven’t tried any natural beauty products though. I think I will be looking into stuff from Andalou though 🙂

  2. This is great! Welcome to the green beauty world :-). We don’t have to be perfect, but small steps towards safer products is amazing.

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