May Birchbox 2014

may birchbox 2014

It’s Birchbox time!! Ok. I am going to start this post my telling you all something very important. I CANCELED MY BIRCHBOX SUBSCRIPTION. Now, nothing against Birchbox, but I decided it was time to go. I’ve had a subscription for about a year, and I am just all sampled out. Also, I want to use more natural products, and Birchbox does not offer a ton of those. I have a loved a lot of stuff I’ve tried, but I seem to never buy a full size, so it is pretty much pointless to keep trying things. I am going to try and use up a lot of my samples, then I might get a Goodebox subscription, which is a more natural service.

may birchbox 2014

First off, the inside of this months was black and white striped a la Kate Spade Saturday. Very cute!

Color Club Art Duo Pen in Sea Lavender

I just used this yesterday in my Monday Manicure. This nail art tool has a striping brush and dotting pen in one! The pen part is super nifty. Just squeeze the tube a little and a dot of polish comes out the end. I think it will be awesome to have, but need a little getting used to.

cotz face

CoTZ Face natural Skin Tone SPF 40

This oil free product is a mineral sunscreen with a bit of tint and a matte finish. I’ve tried various CoTZ products before, and they are all pretty good. This product feels more like a primer, like that siliconey feel. I’m thinking this would actually work really nice as a primer, or just for a tinge of perfection on a day to the beach!

may birchbox

Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow

I feel like I get a BB cream every other month. I seriously have 4 small little samples right now to be used. Swatched on the back of my hand, I thought this seemed a little dark, but I think that is wear the ‘glow’ comes in. Once I have more of a tan this may be a better match.

miss jessie quick curls

Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls

I’ve used the Pillow Soft Curls from Miss Jessies, and a few other samples here and there from the brand. I’m excited to try another! I will be bringing this home with me over the weekend to try it out. I’ve used so many curling products over the years, one day I’ll find the perfect one! This sample sizes are a good size too, you can get 3 or so uses out of them.

whish shave cream

Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream in Acai Grapefruit

Hey Birchbox, how did you know I just finished my shaving cream! Well, I also JUST repurchased a new one, but this little one will be awesome for summer travels. 99% of my summer trips involve a bikini, so a lot of shaving gets done. This will be much easier to bring around with me. Also, acai and grapefruit are too of my favorite scents! It smells amazing.

kate spade saturdya

The last thing in the box is a $25 off coupon for Kate Spade Saturday. Pretty awesome coupon, except I’m trying to not buy stuff right now!!  I do need a new wallet, so maybe I’ll use this coupon to pick something up!

Well. RIP Birchbox. May we meet again in another life.

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13 thoughts on “May Birchbox 2014

  1. We got the same box! I’m currently on a one-year sub with Birchbox, but it should expire this Fall and I’m very likely not going to renew. Just like you said – nothing against Birchbox, but I’m also ready to move on. 🙂

    1. Goodebox is really awesome. Every season or so they do a clearance box to get rid of samples in their warehouse to make room for new ones. My mom bought me one of the clearance box and there were so many great brands!!

  2. OMG! This is too funny… I just cancelled my birchbox as well, and May was my final box. And honestly, this may be the best box I ever received. The Color Club Art Duo Pen in Sea Lavender has been one of the best tools I have ever used to paint my nails (which is like every day), I haven’t used the actual polish yet, but the little pokey tool is amazing for cleanups. Also, Whish shave cream is phenomenal. When I first saw it, I was so meh about it, wasn’t too impressed. UNTIL I TRIED IT. I ended up going to the companies website and ordering one plus one for a friend for her birthday.

    For the most part, Birchbox hasn’t really been all that great for me. But, there are definitely some products I got that now I buy on the reg. Hopefully you found some of these things helpful, too! I definitely recommend the shave cream over anything else! It is AMAZING!

    1. I definitely found a few products here and there that I loved, and hope to purchase soon. It just got so annoying have so many samples around that I didn’t really want…feels weird to not be getting one this month!

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