Milani Luminoso Blush

milani luminoso

Just in time for spring, the perfect springy blush. Milani Luminoso is amazing, especially for a drugstore blush! The color is great, the pigmentation is out of this world, the packaging is adorable…it’s all around great. It’s a pretty popular color around the blogosphere, and it is deserved. When I first saw this and wanted to pick it up, I couldn’t find it anywhere! But I finally have my hands on it.

milani luminoso

Milani Luminoso is a light peachy shimmer blush. The peachy tone comes across much more natural than I would have expected, considering people don’t naturally blush that color. While it is super pigmented, I find it easy to get a sheer wash of color using my Mac Blush Brush.

The formula is so soft, which I find rare in a drugstore blush. While it is a bit powdery, I think it helps in a soft application.

The slight shimmer comes across natural. A highlighter could easily also be worn with this blush, but isn’t necessary. I fine shimmer gives a glowly look without being a disco ball.

If you’re looking for an easy, spring shade, and don’t want to spend the money, I would suggest this blush for sure! It’s just so easy, and goes so well with a pink lip 🙂

milani luminoso

Have you tried Milani Luminoso before? What about other colors from the line?

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13 thoughts on “Milani Luminoso Blush

  1. I can’t find this brand anywhere except online but I’d prefer to see the colors in person since screen colors vary…pleaaaase tell me you found it in a popular drug store chain?

  2. Ughh luminoso…I grab this one more than I grab any of my other blushes, including high end ones. It is just oh so perfect. I also have Coralina, which is gorgeous too, but I think will look better in the height of summer for me…since I’m a little on the pale side it comes off a little too harsh no matter how gentle of an application I do.

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