April Birchbox 2014

april birchbox 2014

Happy Birchbox everyone! Sorry this is up later than usual, but I figured I should still post. My box came late this month, then with Passover and Easter I was just so distracted! I feel like my Birchbox excitement has really gone down recently, so I think I will cancel my subscription soon. I feel like I have SO many samples to use up, that it is pointless to get more and more every month! Did you like your Birchbox this month? I felt this was a good one, I just didn’t get that excited…

april birchbox 2014


I guess because it’s April, and April showers bring May flowers, Birchbox included a ‘rainy day tip’. I got #4 ‘Organize your book collection.’ My book collection is already organized, but I do recommend this for others. I love organized books.

april birchbox 2014

This month’s products fit so well into the box! How cute. Also, love the blue paper.

kind bar

Maple Pumpkin Seed with Sea Salt Kind Bar- I LOVE kind bars, but I’d never had one this style before. I enjoyed this, but felt it could have used a little more flavor. I love pumpkin seeds. May pick up a box if I see the on sale, but I prefer the chunkier ones.

keims shampoo

Keims Cleanshine Energizing Shampoo- Confused as to why there is only a shampoo, and no conditioner? There is definitely no shortage of shampoo in my life, so not sure where this will go to use. It smells pepperminty, which is nice for the mornings, and is supposed to be energizing. I guess I’ll use this in combination with a deep conditioner for spa days.

Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner in Jamun- When I first saw the name of this eyeliner I was afraid it’d be some crazy color I’d never where. Luckily it’s a purplish brown color. Not very ‘color contrast’ but I’ll definitely use it! The eyeliner is very smooth which is always a plus.

how bout them apples

Color Club Gem Collection Nail Polish in Aquamarine Azulino- Disappointing to see a color called “Breakfast At…” and have it NOT be Tiffany blue (AKA MY FAVORITE COLOR). This nail polish is a light pearly blue. Hm, kinda tacky if you ask me. I’ll give it a go soon. Not a huge fan of Color Club polishes but I do like these tiny bottles.

the Balm How ‘Bout Them Apples? Blush in Pie- I wasn’t hoping to get this in my box, but I like it more than I expected. The color is a corally pink shade perfect for spring. It blend well onto the skin, but it pretty bright. I love the little packaging! My brush is way too big for the sample though, making it awkward to use.

how bout them apples swatch


(Sumita Eyeliner in Jamun and the Balm blush in Pie)

Did you get similar items this month? What was your favorite?


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