Monday Manicure April 14th

nails inc porchester square

Happy Monday! Happy Passover! Happy beautiful weather! Not happy allergies….After a beautiful, sun shiny weekend, we are starting off this week with an equally as beautiful day. I’ve got a busy week up ahead with homework, work and going home for Passover dinner tomorrow night! I’m excited to be home for a night, but it will definitely be throwing my schedule off.

Despite the weather, I went with a pretty drab color this week. I just wanted something I knew would stay put and would match whatever I end up wearing….Keep reading to learn more!

nails inc porchester squarenails inc porchester square

Nails Inc Porchester Sqaure is a simple, greige neutral creme. The shade sort of goes with anything, and looks great on everyone. I decided to pick it up when I saw Nails Inc came out with some colors in their ‘gel effect’ line. The color is the same as the original formula, but this one has a gel like finish. Super shiny, and lasts much longer. I can’t sense much difference between this and other polishes when painting my nails. It definitely stays on longer than some polishes though. If you’re someone who can’t get a manicure to last more than a day or two, check out some of the options from the Nails Inc Gel Effect line.

Last week in the life of Plastic Bows…

A work delivery brought me to my favorite building in Philadelphia. I had never seen the inside before!

heritage foundation philadelphia

It was ‘National Siblings Day’ last week. Here’s one of my favorites. I’m on the left!

national siblings day

Much needed brews with my main man.

city tap house philadelphia

Sunny Sunday in the park. This is how Drexel does homework!

drexel park

Hope you have a lovely week!

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8 thoughts on “Monday Manicure April 14th

  1. LOVE the weather, but my allergies are killing me lately too! I feel like I should wear a toilet paper hat due to how often I’m blowing my nose lol; TMI. Anywho, I love the color of your featured polish. It’s very classy and elegant.

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