Getting Rid of Old Make Up

old make up

Today, I’m throwing out some make up.

I’ve got a stash 10 times the size it was a few years ago, and it is getting out of hand. Who can wear that much make up? I realized I had some thing that not only did I never wear, but weren’t even wearable. Items that are dried up or definitely expired can be thrown out. I hate throwing things away, but they just aren’t usable, so there really is no other choice. Every year I want to go through my stash and figure out what should just be gotten rid of. That way I’m not being bogged down by unnecessary items!

urban decay eyeshadow

Once upon a time, I had a really bad Urban Decay eyeshadow obsession. (Okay I still do). My mom took me to Sephora a lot, and somehow she let me buy a ton of eyeshadows. I’d say a lot of them went to good use while I was in high school, but since then (5 years) they haven’t been touched. Partly my styles changed, but also I just realized I really didn’t like the shadows! These three colors (L to R: Herb, El Dorado, Cherry) are sparkly, not shimmery. They have real chunks of glitter in them. This made the shadows dry, causing a lot of fall out. I had better shadows so I just stopped using them. Now, they are even more dry (and old) so let us say goodbye to them.

urban decay eyeshadow

These next 2 shadows, the one on the left doesn’t have the sticker with the name anymore, and the one on the right is S & M. These two are not as old, but I still think I will get rid of them. The one on the left, there is something up with this shadow. The formula just doesn’t work well for me. It is super pigmented which is nice, but I find it always looks messy, and is impossible to blend. S & M has had better days. I’ve dropped it, and tried to revive it, twice. The formula got pretty messed up from that, and it just isn’t the same.

As you can see, all my UD shadows are in the vintage packaging which changed…2 years ago? So overall, they are still just old.

mac dessert rose

Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon- So this lipstick crayon is new to me, but I feel like it was old before I got it in my Ipsy bag. Or maybe it just sucks? It feels like I’m trying to use an oil pastel as lipstick. It never looks good, is so goopy and thick…plus the color just looks bad on me. I have this a try, A LOT, and it just didn’t work. I think I’ll say goodbye.

Sephora Lip Gloss- No idea what color this is because the label wore off some time in the last 8 years. Did I say 8? There isn’t much left in this tube, but I’m not brave enough to try using it anyway. I bought this lip gloss on a trip in high school, and I think I’ve kept it for so long for sentimental reasons. I haven’t used it in a year or two. No need to hang on to it anymore, goodbye!

MAC Dessert Rose Blush- Ok, here’s where things get interesting. I bought this blush a year and half ago. It is now COMPLETELY dried out!! Impossible to use. I have no idea what happened!! I’m really annoyed, considering Mac blushes aren’t too cheap. I’m just going to get rid of it, I don’t think there is any saving it.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Old Make Up

  1. I hate having to throw out makeup. Makes me so mad all that money that I spent to only wear a few times. UGH. Good for you for being able to let go (So bummed for you about the MAC, not good and to only have for such a short time) If you have a moment I would LOVE for you to link this to my Monday Morning MakeUp Madness party. I think a reminder that they don’t last forever would be awesome. We are finishing up this weeks, but a brand new party will open on Monday. Please and Thank you

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