March Empties 2014

march empties

Another month over. How is this possible? Luckily April means warmer weather, we all know we need that! I’ve been going through products left and right these past few months, and it feels great. Every month I’m amazed by how many products I have to write about! I’ve been trying to not buy things, and since I’m finishing products my shelves/drawers are actually organized instead of full of clutter. Still I have plenty of products to go through before I’ll let myself by new stuff! Keep reading for a quick review on each item I finished this month.

march empties

Freeman Beauty Paper Mask in Rose- I picked this mask up on a whim at Wal-Mart. I’d never used a Freeman’s mask before, and thought it might help my dull, sad skin. The mask was a bit small for my face, but I loved the effect. My skin felt hydrated and plump, and seemed pretty glowy the next morning!

Agave Oil Sample- I was excited to see this sample in my Birchbox because I love hair oils. I’d heard about the Agave oil before, but didn’t expect it to be this amazing! The smell is great, and hydrated my dry brittle ends. I would definitely consider buying a full size of this oil, once I run out of what I have!

Sephora Make Up Removing Wipes- While waiting in line at Sephora before hopping in the car to go out of town, I realized I had forgotten to pack make up remover. I couldn’t have been at a more perfect place to realize that. I picked up this small pack up make up wipes for a few bucks, and they lasted me the weekend. The make up removing capabilities were fine, but I wish they had been wetter.

Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long Wear Mascara- I don’t want to say goodbye to this mascara! The wand separated my lashes perfectly, which is something I really look for in a mascara. I would totally repurchase this if it wasn’t for the price. Oh well, maybe I can some how get a sample again!

L’Oreal Triple Resist Shampoo- Last month I finished the conditioner, and now I am glad to say goodbye to the shampoo. While the two smelled great and got my hair clean, I felt it made me hair brittle with constant use. The keratin is too strong, and does the opposite of helping.

Grand Central Beauty Skin Perfecting Polisher- Another Birchbox sample, but this one didn’t go so well. Can someone tell me what this product is?  I though it was supposed to be an exfoliator, but it didn’t feel like it was doing anything at all when I rubbed it on my face. I ended up just stopping using it, partly because the packaging wasn’t the best. I couldn’t get any out!

march empties

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curling Mousse- Gosh, lets not talk about how many of these I used. I think in high school this was my favorite curling mousse. It’s super cheap and always on sale, so I picked up a bottle awhile ago to keep at my parent’s house. I since decided it isn’t my favorite anymore, but I do like it as an option. I think I have another bottle at home, but I probably won’t repurchase again.

Julep Daylight Defense Hand Cream- In my first Julep box ever, I received this hand cream. And damn that was a long time ago. For awhile I really loved this as a hand cream, but as I continued using it, the product felt greasy and like it wasn’t absorbing. I’m not too picky on my hand creams, but I probably won’t ever repurchase, plus I’ve got a back up of a different Julep cream.

CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner- I finished up the black version of this liner a month or so ago. This is the brown one. I still have to finish the grey. At one point I thought this was the best eyeliner ever…what was I thinking? It’s okay I guess. Smudges pretty easily though. Good for the price, and I love that I don’t have to sharpen it.

Juicy Couture La La Malibu Perfume Sample- I was surprised to see this in the February Birchbox because it smelled so fresh and springy. The second the weather got nice I decided to start trying it out. I was surprised by how much I liked it. Very fresh and clean, but just enough sweetness to make it girly. I doubt I’ll buy a full bottle, but worth checking out!

Yes to Carrots Soothing Milk Cleanser- I actually really liked this cleanser, and will miss it dearly! I really love the YTC Cucumber line, it’s so light and refreshing to use. I used this mostly in the shower to clean off extra oils in the morning. The gentle formula was perfect for my sensitive skin. I am very interested in try more products from this company, I always love everything.


Did you finish anything up last month?



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