March Into Spring: Green Beauty Companies

organic skincare

These days, healthy eating has become much more trendy, and green cleaning products are popping up everywhere. It is just as important to use healthy, natural beauty products, but I feel like it is something that gets lost in the cracks. I’ve posted about natural products (twice) I’ve been loving, to give readers a few starting points for great natural products options. Today I wanted to focus on the three companies I use the most, and LOVE the most! Natural products have helped my skin greatly in the past few months. Less breakouts, smaller pores, brighter skin…it’s great! Chemical-free products work a million times better than anything you’ll find at a drug store.

REMEMBER: Just because it says ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it is. Companies like Aveeno, and Neutrogena’s ‘Naturals’ line are still full of chemicals. Go for companies known for their natural products. Or a good rule of thumb “if you can’t pronounce it, don’t use it”.

organic skincare

Andalou Naturals

Andalou has quickly become my favorite natural company. The scents are spot on, the prices are reasonable, and they WORK. The ‘Brightening’ line features Vitamin C which is an ingredient my skin personally loves. The fresh scents smell real, not like fake fragrances. I was having trouble with enlarged pore, but that problem went away when I started using Andalou products. The range uses “Fruit Stem Cell Science” which honestly I can’t explain very well, but it sure sounds fancy doesn’t it?

Where to buy: I bought my products at Marshall’s for 50% off original price. Check out for great deals on all of their items. You can check out Whole Foods to see the products in person, but they will be full price.

michael todd true organics

Michael Todd True Organics

Michael Todd is one of the more popular organic companies because it was all the rage on YouTube for a while. It was the first natural company I tried. I picked up a set of a bunch of products for a good price and have been using them for almost 6 months now. While I love some products more than others, they are all definitely good products. I can feel them working. My skin always feels cleaner and more hydrated when I use the full range. I love the different foods that are used like cranberry, mango, pumpkin, rose…there is nothing more natural than that! My only problem is the packing. It doesn’t work the best and I feel like it is a waste of plastic.

Where to buy: I buy Michael Todd products on their website. While some products seem a bit expensive, they have sales a lot (sign up for their mailing list) and good deals on sets. Check some YouTube Gurus for coupon codes as well.

jeffery james skincare

Jeffrey James Organics

I stumbled upon Jeffrey James products recently, and I’m glad I did. First of all, they have great packaging which I am definitely a sucker for. The small range of products covers all of the areas you need in skin care. I feel like there is no hype with these products, which I love. They aren’t trying to be anything they aren’t. Sometimes the simpler products work better!

Where to buy: I’ve seen Jeffrey James products a few times at Marshall’s. Every month or so they are featured on HauteLook. Other than that, you would have to purchase from the Jeffrey James Organics website.

If you’re in the market for some new skincare, why not try something natural? There are a number of companies out there making high quality organic products, you’ve just gotta take the plunge!

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20 thoughts on “March Into Spring: Green Beauty Companies

  1. Thanks for sharing! I don’t think we have these brands in the UK unfortunately, but I’ve tried a lot of other natural products recently, and you’re right; natural is best all round! Great post 🙂 xx

  2. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Michael Todd products and I just receive a sample size of their fruit facial scrub in my March Birchbox; cannot WAIT to try it!

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