Monday Manicure March 17th

essie no baggage please

Happy St. Patricks Day? I don’t really care about that. Today is the first day of finals week, and I have one last assignment to do. It will only take me another 2 or 3 hours to finish, but of course I can’t concentrate! It will be done soon enough, then 2 days of work, then SPRING BREAK! Hopefully the weather gets warm again. (It snowed last night!!) My manicure this week is pink and girly…I’m loving it so much.

essie no baggage please


Essie No Baggage Please is a light pink with barely there shimmer. Like a lot of Essie nail polish, the shade was pretty sheer, and needed at least 3 coats to be opaque. On top, I added white polka dots with Essie Marshmallow which is a sheer white. I love this shade because it isn’t crisp white, and adds a nice effect. The combination of girly pink and white polka dots is so cute and lovely. Hopefully it doesn’t chip too quickly, I want to wear it all week!

This week in the life of Plastic Bows…

Federal Donuts, the best donut shop in the world, opened just down the street from me!

federal donuts west

Rainy walk home in flats :/

black flats

Smudge on camera resulted in THIS


Tried out “Honey Grow” in Center City. Pretty good!

honey grow philly

Have a lovely week everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Monday Manicure March 17th

  1. 1st = your nails are amazing, 2nd = GOOD LUCK with your finals; I’m sure you’re going to kick some major booty!, 3rd = that food looks delicious! What’s the name of that concoction?

    1. Thanks!!! It was a “Create Your Own” option so there is no real name. It’s egg noodles with edamame, peppers, scallions and chicken in a sesame garlic sauce.

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