March Into Spring: Getting Rid of Clothes

spring cleaning

Step Two in my Spring Cleaning process, getting rid of clothes! I try to do this once a year, but I find I usually end up getting rid of only a few things. This year, I WILL get rid more! I have so many things I just do not wear, and it is time they find a new home. I have a lot more storage in this apartment than my previous two, so I keep thinking I have so much room for clothing. This closet won’t be around forever, and it is about time I scale down.


Here you can see my closet is pretty big, but I still can’t fit all of my clothes, that’s how many I have! The front row is the clothing I am wearing now, or stuff that is in season. The back row is fancier clothes and out of season clothes. I love the set up of this closest, but I don’t need to fill every nook and cranny!


The shoes overflow to the hallway outside the closet. I think getting rid of shoes is SO hard. I have a few pairs that are really worn out but I love, so it is hard to say goodbye. I have a few cheap pairs that are really uncomfortable that I should just get rid of to!

captains bed

This is our ‘guest bed’ but really it is just my old bed that I didn’t want to get rid of because of the storage. It was cheaper to just bring the whole bed than by a dresser to fit everything. Here I store undies, pants, sweatshirts, pajamas and tshirts. These drawers are the hardest to go through. A lot of these things I don’t wear super often, but can’t imagine getting rid of. You’ve got to have the perfect colored t shirt for everything!


The saddest part of my wardrobe, my sweaters. There just wasn’t room anywhere for them, and I didn’t want to buy a dresser. I had this wire rack from a previous apartment and figured it could do the job till I have a real grown up apartment. I am hoping to get rid of a lot of things from here. I don’t wear a lot of these sweaters, and they don’t need to be taking up room.

getting rid of clothing

The first go through, and the bed is now full of clothes to get rid of! A few things that were just too beat up I through out. I am now making 3 piles. Things to donate, things to sell, and things to keep for future child. My mom gave me a bunch of her old clothes once, and even though I don’t wear a lot of them, it is awesome to have. The items I really loved but don’t fit anymore will go to the future. Clothes that are in really good condition but I just don’t want I will try to sell. Clothes that are out of fashion, or not in excellent condition I will donate to a thrift store or charity. Anything I cannot sell will be donated too. I have a lot of clothes that are in fine condition, so I might as well try to get a few bucks out of it!

spring cleaning

Pretty much if I didn’t wear it in the past year, I’m making myself get rid of it, which is hard! I have some things I probably haven’t worn in 2 or 3 years even. I am sentimental only when it comes to clothing I guess. If I like something, I will wear it until it falls apart!

old clothes

I suggest ALL of you to go through your wardrobes. Give yourself a goal to get rid of a certain amount of pieces! I am also going to go through jewelry and purses and get rid of a few things there too, but I think that is going to be even harder! Hopefully my mom doesn’t mind me coming home with a bag full of clothes to store in the attic!

Let me know if you get rid of anything! Spring cleaning feels good!

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5 thoughts on “March Into Spring: Getting Rid of Clothes

  1. This is hard, I know I have to give stuff away but I keep thinking that maybe I’ll wear it again and I end up buried in a mountain of junk

  2. Oh man, I purged my closet over my reading break after a very very productive trip to Talize. My system is this: hang clothes hanger side backwards. Once worn, I usually stick it back in my closet with the hanger facing the right way, and so, each winter when I go through my closet, if the hanger is still backwards, I haven’t worn it all year and it’s time to pass it on. My friends all know when that, when I purge, the items going are free to a good home, and so stuff clears out pretty easily. Whatever’s left I send to the thrift store.

    And I totally agree with you …shoes are the hardest to say goodbye to.

    1. I’ve heard of that tactic before with the hangers, but I’m too OCD about how I organize my closet I think….I’m hoping to do a second purge at the end of the Summer too. PS Just filled a trash bag with 5 pairs of shoes. Go me!

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