High End Nail Polish Collection

high end nail polish

I’m usually not one to splurge on make up, but every once in awhile you have to treat yourself to something nice. For a few months last year I become horribly obsessed with nail polish, and thus decided I should buy myself a few high end options. I actually purchased a lot of these on eBay, saving me a few bucks here and there. I do honestly think high end nail polish is worth the price, but it doesn’t mean you need it. If I see a really unique color from a high end brand, I will consider buying it. These days I haven’t been buying as much nail polish…I’m trying to actually use them!

butter london nail polish butter london nail polish

Butter London is probably in one of my favorite high end brands. I love the packaging, the names and the colors are so great! The formula is a bit on the thick side, but I haven’t had too much of an issue with it yet.

Cheeky Chops- I’ve had the most trouble formula wise with this shade. It is goopy and streaky. I love the shade though. It’s a bright yellow, but I feel like it has a tinge of grey, or white to it.

The Black Night- This color is so cool. It is a black polish with pink and blue shimmer. I can’t stop starring at my nails when I wear this!

Trout Pout- One of my favorite all time colors. Trout Pout is a pinky coral, that is so bright and lovely. Can’t wait to start wearing this again in the spring!

deborah lippmann nail polish deborah lippmann nail polish

Deborah Lippmann nail polish is probably the best I’ve ever tried. The colors are awesome, the names are adorable, and the formula is to die for.

Stardust- This is the best silver metallic I have ever seen. It shines so much, pretty close to real silver!

Dancing in the Sheets- From the Footloose collection…I couldn’t pass up buying almost all of the colors. This shade is a blue and purple dark duochrome. Pretty unique, and looks great in the winter.

Almost Paradise- This shade is like Easter in a bottle! I might wear this color all through April. It is an awesome spring green with yellow undertones.

Yellow Brick Road- This color is weird, but I like it. It is a yellow jelly polish. I like layering this with other colors or glitters.

Let’s Hear It for the Boy- The perfect blue. I could wear this color almost everyday and be totally happy!

chanel peridot


My one and only Chanel polish. I need more. Nothing in the world is like Chanel polish. It goes on so smooth and silky. It makes painting your nails so much easier

Peridot- This is THE most unique shade. Or it was. Now you can find dupes pretty easily. (OPI has one from the Spiderman collection). Either way, I couldn’t pass it up when it first came out. Peridot is a green and gold duochrome that looks different from every angle.

What is your favorite nail polish brand to splurge on? Any color you just HAVE to have?

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11 thoughts on “High End Nail Polish Collection

  1. Nice little high end collection! I just got my first Butter London today actually! 🙂 Also, the GAP has a polish called Gold Rush and it’s pretty similar to the Chanel Peridot!

  2. I’ve been DYING to try Butter London and Deborah Lippmann polishes! I’m keeping my eyes peeled for bundles or sales. I’m glad to know that you’re pleased with both brands, as they are quite pricey. You have a great polish selection! I didn’t know that Chanel even made polishes! If you had to pick one out of the three brands, which is your all time favorite?

    1. Chanel has the best formula, but it is CRAZY to spend $27 on a nail polish, unless you’re going to wear it everyday. I would pick DL or Butter London because I’ve had some trouble with formulas for them. DL has really beautiful shades for spring out now. I’d suggest one of those!

  3. I got my one and only Chanel nail polish last summer, called Azure. It has that “mermaid” look with a blue/aqua/green mix and sheen that is similar to your Peridot. I agree that it has the best formula (especially from a chipping standpoint), and I’ll definitely be breaking it out again this summer!

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