February Favorites 2014

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Boy did I have a busy week! Finally it’s Friday and I have all day to catch up on my blog, get some homework done, and then I’m planning on making a very yummy dinner tonight! We’re a few days into March now, and getting closer and closer to spring. The next few days are supposed to actually feel like early spring weather! I had a few favorites this month that I won’t be able to live without in the future, and really helped me through this last month of winter.

maybelline color elixir, mac well dressed

Revlon Colorstay Foundation– The ’24hr’ staying power claim of this foundation, might actually be true. Last year I wore it for about 16 hours on my college graduation day, and it still looked flawless. For the drugstore price, Revlon Colorstay is a truly amazing foundation. While it can feel heavy on the skin, it covers spots like a dream, making concealer pretty much unnecessary. I was having some skin troubles this month, and Colorstay saved the day!

Mac Well Dressed Blush- I’m not a huge fan of Mac products, but I have been obsessed with Well Dressed this month. It is very sheer pink, with a hint of shimmer. I love how it adds just enough color to the cheeks, and a bit of a glow. I hate the look of overdone or obvious blush, and Well Dressed is so sheer you never run the risk of that. A good staple for anyone to have!

Maybelline Color Elixir in Rose Redefined- I go into more detail about Maybelline Color Elixirs in a full post I did earlier this month. I think I found the perfect lip gloss. It feels so great on the lips, not too sticky but not too slippery. The color Rose Redefined is amazing. It is the loveliest shade of rose that goes with any make up look. The formula is pretty hydrating too!

satsuma body wash, the body shop, embryolisse, lait creme

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Wash- If you have never smelled anything from the Satsuma range at The Body Shop, stop what you are doing, get in your car, and go to The Body Shop. My life will never be the same now that I know Satsuma exists. The scent is so refreshing, a light, crisp orange scent that lingers after you shower, making your whole apartment smell like an orange field. The body wash is alright, just your typical body wash, BUT THE SCENT! THE SCENT!! Just go buy it.

Embryolisse Lait Creme- I have been loving Embryolisse for awhile now. This cream is so luxurious, I think I might just use it for the rest of my life. I have very dry skin, especially in the winter, and Lait Creme saved the day. A little goes a long way too, so the tube has lasted me forever. I don’t like to use it every single day, but whenever my skin needs some moisture, it fixes the problem instantly.

Jack Black Mint Lip Balm- This is actually my boyfriends, but I use it a lot too. Jack Black makes a lot of nice mens skincare items, so if you need a gift for a man, look no further. The lip balm is just so good. I’ve never had a lip balm that hydrated my lips so well! I like the mint scent, but I want to get a different scent soon. There is a blackberry one…I love blackberries. I will never have dry lips again as long as I have a tube of Jack Black!

What were your February Favorites? Anything I should try?

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9 thoughts on “February Favorites 2014

  1. I tried the Embryolisse Lait Crème via one of my Birchbox samples and it was definitely luxurious! Totally loved it! 🙂 And Satsuma ANYTHING from the Body Shop is bomb-diggity! So refreshing and energizing. It’s literally mesmerizing!

  2. My boyfriend is also a huge Jack Black fan–he uses the Beard Lube and the face wash every day. I’ve looked at that lip balm several times but never purchased it. It’s not that expensive, so I’ll have to buy some next time I see it!

  3. I really want to try the Embryolisse moisturizer, it is supposed to be amazing under make-up too, but I read somewhere that it contains mineral oil. I am not very sure about this and I am not very sure about what mineral oil does to your skin either so I don’t know whether to try it or not!

    1. My tube doesn’t have the ingredients, so I can’t double check that. I’ve heard Mineral Oil can clog pores, and prevents the skin from breathing. I haven’t had a problem with it, so I’m not sure!

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