March Into Spring: Green Cleaning

green cleaning products

I don’t know about where you live, but it is cold cold cold here in Philadelphia. I think the weather is supposed to warm up this weekend, but right now it is 25 degrees out. Now that it is March, I’m getting into the “Spring Cleaning” mode. Even though it doesn’t feel like spring at all, I thought it would be great idea to get a jump start on spring cleaning, since it is too cold to go outside!

As you may know, I am really interested in using more natural beauty products, and that extends to the cleaning products I use as well. It is super easy to find cleaning products that are less harsh on you and the environment. So let’s get cleaning!

green cleaning products


Method was one of the first ‘greener’ brands I ever tried. The products aren’t the most natural, but they are better than most. They smell awesome, which is was originally turned me onto the brand. My favorite scent is the Grapefruit scent, it’s refreshing, and so clean smelling, without being harsh and overwhelming. The coolest thing about Method is the bags of products you can buy. Rather than having to buy 4 or 5 bottles of dish soap, you can buy one bag, which saves money and plastic. I have a bag of dish soap, laundry soap and hand soap, I can’t believe how long they last.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

Let’s start with the packaging, I love it! Mrs. Meyers uses the cutest fonts and colors, which makes using them so much for fun. The scents are very clean and simple. My favorite scent is the lavender one. The company makes a variety of scents, so there is something for everyone. A few of the scents also come in soy candles, which have become my new favorite candles. A lot of the products come from plant sources which are great for the environment and your body!

Martha Stewart Clean

I love anything Martha, so the fact that she makes green cleaning products is icing on the cake. Now I know I said with the past two companies I loved the scents. With Martha Stewart I love the fact that there is NO scent. Sometimes, you don’t want your whole house smelling like grapefruit and lavender. There is a huge variety of products. Any one could find what they need. I honestly think these plant based cleaners work so much better than companies like Clorox.

It is so easy to make the switch to greener cleaning products. There are a ton of great options at big box stores, and even more online. Vitacost is one of my favorite places to find more natural alternatives. So start of spring right, and make the switch to green!

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3 thoughts on “March Into Spring: Green Cleaning

  1. This is totally clever! I used to mock “green” products and items, but as I have grown wiser with age, I’ve come to realize their importance and have gravitated towards natural beauty products / bath products. I’m definitely not a full convert and it doesn’t bother me to use non-healthy items, but I try to keep my eyes peeled for the “better for your body and environment” items. Great post and awesome suggestions!

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