Monday Manicure March 3rd

opi number one nemesis

MARCH IS HERE. But it’s freezing. Snowy. Spring will never come.

One of my favorite nail polishes of all time is American Apparel ‘Office’. Seafoamy green colors are my favorite shade. I love this color because it is versatile, and the formula is awesome! I wear this color more throughout the year than any other shade I own. I paired it with OPI ‘Number One Nemesis’ for a little easy nail art. This OPI shade is from the Spiderman collection. It’s a charcoal grey with baby shimmer throughout it. It’s a great shade, but I wasn’t feeling an all over dark nail.

This nail art is super easy to do. All you need it tape!

This week in the life of Plastic Bows…

I had this great idea to bring yogurt and berries to work. I made it look all pretty. 4 hours later i looked like this.


I made a cornbread!! I love cornbread. This came out pretty well, could use a little more sugar though.


During some snow a few days ago…


Hope you have a lovely week!

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7 thoughts on “Monday Manicure March 3rd

  1. Jealous of that amazing skillet! I can smell your cornbread! And I LOVE mixing granola, berries and yogurt. My fave combo is Greek Yogurt, strawberries, and Fiber One Protein Cereal (Maple & Brown Sugar). AND that mani is totts professional looking and perfect for spring!

  2. What a gorgeous mani! The two colours compliment each other brilliantly! I might have to try this design myself, so simple but just adds that little something extra šŸ™‚ x

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