Favorite Things: Coconut Oil

coconut oil

A reader asked if I could do a post going into more detail about how I use Coconut Oil, and I thought that was a great idea! I’ve only recently started to use Coconut Oil, but everyday I’m discovering a new way to use it that I love.

First, a little about this amazing product. Coconut oil comes in a solid form, but melts at 76 degrees Fahrenheit. This means it can easily melt from body temperature, but will stay in a relatively sold form in room temperature. Coconut oil contains a unique combination of fatty acids. They are absorbed into the body in a different way than other fatty acids, producing a natural source of energy. An increased amount of energy means more fat burning. It can also be good for the heart, the liver, and the brain! Coconut Oil also contains Lauric Acid which can kill bacteria and viruses in the body and on the skin. In terms of beauty, the unique composition of Coconut Oil allows it so soak into the skin and moisturize. The semi-solid form also makes it easier to work with when using it on the body.

coconut oil

Ways I use Coconut Oil

Cooking: As coconut oil melts, it gives off a yummy, semi-coconuty scent, but this does not transfer into the food. I use coconut oil the same way I would use butter or olive oil. Making eggs, sautéing vegetables, and my favorite, making popcorn! I don’t use it every single day, but depending on what I’m making I’ll start with coconut oil as my base.

I believe coconut oil can also be used in baking but I haven’t tried this yet. It is hard to measure from the tub, and honestly I just don’t bake that much! I’m hoping to try this soon!

Hair: The first thing I ever did with coconut oil was as an overnight hair mask. I took a big clump in my hands and worked it into my palms to melt it. I then coated my hair from the ear down. I worked it in until my hair did not feel sticky. I found the hair absorbs some of the oil, and I could sleep with it in without getting my pillow dirty. In the morning, just wash it out! My hair felt super moisturized, and for a fraction the cost of some hair masks!

Skin: On my skin I use coconut oil as a night time moisturizer. It is a bit too greasy to use during the day. The ability to fight bacteria is why I love to use this on my skin. The next morning, and spots I had on my face have almost disappeared! I have pretty dry skin too and I wake up with hydrated, glowing skin. I need to start using coconut oil on my face every night!

I have also used it as a full body moisturizer a few times, but find it can be a bit too heavy. I don’t like the feeling of the oil on my skin when it hasn’t sunk in yet. During the winter I got a few dry patches on my legs, so I used to oil as a spot treatment on the areas I needed.

Every time I use coconut oil I realize I should be using it more. I’m never disappointed in how it performs. I also have started to develop quite the love for the smell of coconut! I used to hate it, and now I find myself craving it.

If you use coconut oil, PLEASE tell me what you do with it. I’d love to learn more fun ways to use this miracle product!

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7 thoughts on “Favorite Things: Coconut Oil

  1. I’ve never used this before, but have seen it on several blogs. I really want to try it as a leg moisturizer, for after I shave and as a mask for my hair. It doesn’t leave it at all greasy after you wash it out? Do you know if it’s bad on your drains?

    1. Never thought about the drains…hm…I don’t use a ton, just enough to moisturize the hair. I also have really thick hair that doesn’t tend to get greasy. You can always follow up with a quick shampoo if your hair feels greasy.

  2. I wash my face with it every night. After drying, I reapply as a moisturizer (I use kitchen sink). I add a heaping TBSP to my coffee every morning, and use it for oil pulling.

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