Favorite Things: Kate Spade

kate spade

Oh Kate. I love you. I really do. And I don’t own nearly enough of you…

Kate Spade is by far my favorite brand, but I actually own very few things! I love black and white, I love bows, I love polka dots and stripes…and that is everything Kate Spade stands for. I really look to their style and designs for inspiration, but find I can easily find cheaper alternatives at most stores. One of my all time favorite dress looks exactly like a Kate Spade dress, but I bought it for $50.

Here is a little selection of a few Kate Spade items that really speak to me.

Phone Case, Gold Polka Dots $40 Shopbop.com

Harrison Street Wallet, $79 katespade.com

Gabe Flats, $258 katespade.com

Mod Floral Necklace $148 katespade.com

Holly Street Straw Purse $348 katespade.com

Hinged Bangle $54 katespade.com

Gold Glitter Watch $225 macys.com


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14 thoughts on “Favorite Things: Kate Spade

  1. I can’t get enough of Kate Spade! What is not to like about polka dots, sparkles, and bows? Her stuff gets me every time. You definitely can find similar items at other stores for cheaper prices πŸ™‚

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