January Empties 2014

january empties

Holy empties. Finished lots of stuff this month, and it feels so good! I’m trying so hard to get rid of stuff, but then I buy more stuff. Such a viscous cycle. A few of this months products will surely be missed. I may replace some of them in the future, but like I said, I’m trying to finish some things.

colgate optic white

Let’s start with teeth. I got this Optic White toothpaste and mouthwash through Influenster awhile back. I had already used the toothpaste, and was more than happy to get a free tube! The toothpaste is very refreshing and a joy to use, but I didn’t really see any difference in the whiteness of my teeth. The mouthwash…ugh. I kind of hated it. I think it had a weird taste, and was way too strong. The directions say to swish it around for 60 seconds, I barely could do 10! Maybe I’m just not a mouthwash person?

jergens natural glow

Oh, Embryolisse Micellar Water…I will miss you. This was a lifesaver getting my mascara off. I’m onto a different make up remover, and it just isn’t doing it for me. I love micellar waters, but they are hard to find for a good price in the US. Europe, give me your cleansing waters!!

Jergen’s Natural Glow was a bit of a lifesaver for a little while. I wanted to hold onto that summer glow for as long as possible. Jergen’s is pretty good at adding just enough color to my complexion to keep me looking healthy. Now that I ran out, I can see the color fading from my skin. I’m just counting down the days till I can start self tanning again…

My body wash at my parent’s house was the Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash. It is almost like washing with body lotion with this stuff! This is the thickest body wash I have ever seen. If you have dry skin, this stuff will erase it in seconds! I never needed to apply lotion after using it.

stila lip glaze

So I guess a tool isn’t really an empty. But it’s broken, so I’m throwing it out. This eyelash curler was by Revlon, and did NOTHING. AND THEN IT BROKE. I’ve replaced it with the Tweezerman one, and we are working out a little better.

Two lip balms! I really love the Nivea lip balm. It was so smooth, which was really great under lipsticks to keep my lips hydrated. The Ocean Potion lip balm I bought forever ago while I was in Florida. My lips were getting burned so I needed some lip balm with SPF. It helped out a lot!

The second of my three Stila Lip Glazes is gone. Oh they smell so good. But oh, they are so sticky. Like really sticky. One bit of wind and your hair will be stuck on your lips all day. But yeah, they smell good!


SAMPLE PARTY. There are going to be a lot of samples the next few months. I’ve recently come into a lot of them, and need to get rid of them! It can be fun to try new things everyday though.

Paul and Joe Moisturizing Primer- Uhm, this little bottle lasted MONTHS. This was a really great primer I really want in full size. It had a really light smell, and didn’t have that greasy, silicone feel like some primers.

Tay Revitalizing Cleanser- Loved the packaging of this little guy. While this cleanser smelled great, I didn’t feel like my skin was clean afterward.

Suki Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser- OMG SMELLS SO GOOD. I really need a full size of this. The cleanser exfoliates your skin, but then the sugar particles dissolve and it turns into a cleanser. Very refreshing to use.

Every Beauty Make Up Remover Pads- This are kind of weird. They are a cloth pad you get wet, and that activates the cleanser. They removed some of my make up, but not as well as some other make up pads.

EV Body Lotion- This lotion melted into my skin so nicely. I had that feeling of lotiony legs, so this was really nice.

Seaweed Bath Co. Lavender Body Lotion- I love anything lavender scented. This smelled great and worked well. Might consider buying a full size.

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