Monday Manicure February 3rd

essie my better half

Yet another Monday. Yet another snow storm. I’m getting tried of this!! I cannot believe how much it has snowed already this winter. Luckily today was very beautiful snow, so I can at least enjoy looking out the window. Also, I don’t have class so I don’t need to worry about trekking into the cold. Sadly, I need to shovel, and uhhh yeah I don’t want to do that.

julep debra essie my better half

I have been opting for more bright colors this winter, to make up for the cold cloudy days that seem to be never ending. As a base I went with Essie “My Better Half” which was part of a set I got from my boyfriend. The color is such a unique fuchsia shade with a bit of opalescent shimmer. I topped it with some much needed polka dots, it has been too long! I chose Julep “Debra” for the polka dots, which is a pale mushroom creme. Polka dots always make me so happy when I look down at my nails!

This week in the life of Plastic Bows…

The boyfriend and I spent a few days at home, and he got more snuggle time with the cat than I did!


This art piece is made from make up sponges!! I thought that was so cool.


Dirty subway floors.


Just your average day at school, baby alligators. 


Look at that tongue.


Hope you all have a lovely, and warm, week!

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9 thoughts on “Monday Manicure February 3rd

  1. That is such an adorable manicure! I love it! How did you make the polka-dots? Do you use a nail art tool or toothpicks or something? I’d love to start doing polka-dot manicures – they’re just so stinkin’ cute and happy!
    – Michelle

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