Maybelline Color Elixir

My newest love. The Maybelline Color Elixir. Oh, how you beautiful you are…

I picked up one of these babies after seeing Essiebutton talk about them with so much love. I already follow in Essie’s foot steps when it comes to make up, so buying an Elixir was the logical next step. I put it on for the first time the second I left the store, and fell in love immediately.


The color I chose was “Captivating Carnation”. It is the perfect shade for an everyday color. It is a coraly color, but with a pit of rose too it? I think it is great for all year round use as well, which is something I need more of. There are a lot of shade options, but a lot of the colors are really similar. Some are more shimmery than others also. “Captivating Carnation” has no shimmer.

My favorite thing about these lip glosses is the way they feel on the lip. They are very smooth, which makes them very comfortable to wear. The pigmentation is awesome, but not too much that it looks like a lipstick. They are very glossy when you first put it on. After a little wear the gloss diminishes a bit.

The color will last awhile without drinking or eating, but in no way is it a long wearing product. After drinking and especially after eating the color will fade.

Maybelline Color Elixir in Captivating Carnation

If you’re in the market for a new gloss, I definitely suggest trying these out. I doubt anyone could find a way to hate them. If you pick one up, let me know what color you get!

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13 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Elixir

  1. Holy cow! The shine that gloss leaves on your lips is amazing! I LOVE it! It doesn’t look sticky or glue-y at all. LOVE the color you chose and will keep my eyes peeled for this beauty next time I’m at my local drug store. Thanks for the review!

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