Monday Manicure January 27th

julep mia

In the past week it has snowed over 15 inches. First it was 12 inches, then just when you were getting a handle on the snow, it snowed three more inches.

Today it finally got above freezing and a bunch of the snow melted, but it is supposed to be really cold the rest of the week. I used to love winter, but this year, I just can’t handle it! It isn’t even February yet!!

So yeah, it’s cold. And I’m cold. And it’s Monday.

julep mia

julep mia

Julep Mia is such a cool color!! It is a super metallic silver with a ting of green too it. I can’t stop starring at my nails. I was going to add some design on top, but it’s getting late, I’m tired, and Mia looks good enough on it’s own. I literally own too many Julep nail polishes because of my Julep Maven subscription. This color was from the December box. I can see this color being a new favorite!

This week in the life of Plastic Bows….

Snow day resulted in an all plaid pajama outfit, and then bundling up for shoveling.

IMG_4547 IMG_4551

My street never gets plowed, and with 12+ inches of snow, it was pretty messy.


The sidewalks are never shoveled…


Getting ready to go out, half way there!


Lorenzo’s pizza, so big it needs 2 plates!


My first Sixers game!


Monday morning biscuits ready to go in the oven.


Hope you all have a lovely week. Giveaway ending on the 31st!!


8 thoughts on “Monday Manicure January 27th

      1. Close…I’m from northern DE, like 30 minutes outside the city and I’m there often but I made a silly mistake of moving south. I literally live between farm fields now. I miss being close to the city!

  1. I still have yet to try any Julep polishes; I know… blasphemy! I really love this color! It could be used as an all over color, as you have it, or as a lovely accent color. Great review and great pics featuring the product!

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