Clearance Goodebox 2014


Lets start from the beginning. Goodebox is a subscription beauty box service just like Birchbox or Ipsy, but the products each month are all natural, organic, cruelty free…all that stuff.

I don’t have a subscription to Goodebox…yet. My mom been a subscriber for a few months now, and has been loving it, so it is inevitable I join her. At the end of the year Goodebox was having a clearance event to get rid of products from the last year to make room for new ones. For my birthday my mom bought me a box, which was $20.

It finally came, and as you can see was stuffed so full of products the paper was ripping!


So many samples, so many new companies…I couldn’t wait to dig in and get going. Opening a subscription box is always such a joy. It’s just like Christmas morning. I was especially excited about my first Goodebox because I am trying to use more natural products this year! Hopefully I’ll discover some nice products, and then invest in full sizes.


As you can see, there are a lot of products. A usual Goodebox comes with 5 or 6 items. There are 16 here! I won’t name them all because honestly, that’d be crazy. I just wanted to show an overview of the types of products Goodebox offers. I have tried a few already, so I can point out those.


The ‘Best Hair Tie Ever’ sucked. It was too big to be used as a normal hair tie, then stretched out after first use. I will always and forever buy my simple, thin, black Conair hair ties.

The little wooden container from “Tay” is a cleanser. It was nice, but honestly didn’t impress me. Just a simple everyday cleanser. Very moisturizing though.

The “Daily Dose of Dark” bar from NibMor was delicious. I think a few bars of this are very necessary.


Both the tinted lip balms are pretty great. One is from “Well People” and is a sheer mauve color. The other is from “Pacifica” and is a sheer red. I love tinted lip balms since they are so easy to use.

In the larger package on the right was a small container of a cream blush. It is from “Vapour”. The color of it was nice, but the little sample was so difficult to use. It sort of fell apart when I tried to use it.


I have tried a few products from Yes to Carrots, so I was happy to see one I haven’t tried in the box. It is a sunscreen moisturizer, and lovely to see 3 packets so I can really test it out.

So on the left is an envelope. I’m not sure the name of the brand, but it is definitely someones at home organic beauty company, which is awesome. Inside the envelope is a tea bag. There was also an empty plastic bottle. You’re supposed to make the tea and use it as a hair tonic. I’ve never heard of something like this before but will definitely try it out soon!

Lastly, I didn’t get it in one of the pictures very well, but there was a full size container of a peppermint lip scrub by a company called “The Natural”. It also looks like something someone made at their kitchen table. I really love that though. It is just like every lip scrub I’ve ever used, but I still love it.

Have you every tried Goodebox? Do you have any favorite natural beauty products?

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10 thoughts on “Clearance Goodebox 2014

  1. wow that’s really a lot of products for a beauty box!! i wish my subscription service would do one of these clearance boxes as well…. are any of the items very near their expiry date though?

    1. Some of the products don’t have expiration dates, probably because they are samples. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them are close though. I’m trying to use them fast, rather than just putting them off to the side.

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