Monday Manicure January 20th

julep casper

Hopefully some of you are lucky enough to have today off for MLK day. I don’t work or have class on Mondays anyway, so I’m just doing my usual Monday activities. Sex and the City on repeat, laundry, ‘homework’ and painting my nails.

This week I chose the opposite of last weeks bright purple. A neutral base with some shimmery top coat. And it glows in the dark, but who really needs that?

10 moonlight

The base color is this super cheap taupey color I picked up forever ago. The company is called ’10’ and the color is Moonlight. It is a really great base color for sparkle and shimmer. For the cheap price, it is a surprisingly good polish. Opaque in two coats and doesn’t chip too quickly!

julep casper

Despite the fact that this nail polish for some reason glows in the dark, it is a really lovely color. It is a very sheer, white shimmer. The color could probably be worn on its own, but I love how it looks on top of color. It really amps up a plain polish, and makes any color more versatile.


julep casper


Well, I had to make this post quick, I really have a lot of work I should be doing! Hope you all have a lovely week!

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