Favorite Things: Polka Dots

polka dots


Polka dots are by far one of my favorite patterns. Stripes come in a close second. For a quick post, I decided to put together a board of some adorable polka dot items I found on the web!

Wildfox Polka Dot Boyfit Tee $120 

Wildfox clothes look so comfortable. This tee would be so nice for a casual weekend outfit.

Forever 21 Polka Dot Cosmetic Brush Set $4.80

These brushes probably suck, but wouldn’t they look so lovely on a vanity?

Kate Spade Carlisle Street Wallet $198

I am in need of a new wallet, and love this Kate Spade one. 

TAG Polka Dot Tea Pot $16

I love tea pots, but don’t really need one. This pot would look so cute out on a counter.

Ethan Allen Green Polka Dot Pillow $89

These pillows would be perfect for my guest bed, but $89 for one seems like a bit much!

Rochas Embroidered Wool Polka Dot Skirt $3,485 

This skirt is beautiful, and clearly out of mine (or anyones) price range. But we can dream, can’t we?


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