Winter Essentials

winter essentials

During the winter, there are definitely certain types of products I reach for more often. I need more moisture to keep my skin from being flaky. I usually gravitate toward different colors in my make up, for a more wintery look. I just want things that are going to work. These are the items that have been getting me through winter so far…and it has only just begun!

Essie Penny Talk This Essie nail polish is a great go to color this time of year. The color is just so easy! This polish is a coppery, rosey gold color. It comes off very metallic which I love, and lasts much longer than most Essie polishes. I’ve had it on my toes for weeks now. Sometimes when I do a manicure, I get overwhelmed by the amount of colors I have, so it is nice to have a go to color.

Carmex Soothing Lip Balm Oh lip balm, how I need you. I bought this Carmex balm after a very long, very cold day walking around NYC. I was applying lip balm every 5 minutes, I needed something stronger. While I’m not the biggest fan of the minty aspect, I do love this balm. I apply it a lot at night, so it can soak in and keep my lips moist for the next day. (Don’t you hate the word moist?) For the price, it can’t get much better!

NYX Blush in Bourgeois Pig Have you ever wanted that “I just came in from the cold, red cheeked” look? Just me? Well this NYX blush is perfect for that effect. Bourgeois big is a very bright pink, so use a light hand! Just a little dab on the cheeks gives a lovely flushed winter look, very happy I picked this up!

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre So I have dry skin. In the winter, it can get really bad. When I first discovered the this Embryolisse cream, I knew I had found the perfect thing for my dry skin. It is thick, but not too thick, so I can use it day and night. It has a very light scent to it that I can’t describe, but I find it really refreshing. Whenever I have to walk through really cold dry weather, my skin instantly gets flakey, but this cream saves the day every time.

Organix Coconut Milk Hibiscus Body Wash Dry face means dry everything. I used to get the worst dry skin on my legs. I looked like a lizard all the time. I discovered the world of moisturizing body washes last year, and it has changed things A LOT. First off, I love the smell of this body wash, and all Organix products really. It is just coconut-y enough to excite me, without being overwhelmed. My skin almost doesn’t need any extra lotion after using this, which saves me a lot of time in the morning!

Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream The last of the dry body parts, my hair. I seem to always have split ends during the winter! I try to do a weekly hair mask to keep my curls in shape. They need a lot of moisture to stay frizz free and bouncy. Queen Helene products are actually made for African American hair, but they work just as well, and usually better than any other hair products. This mask is very thick. I like to keep it on for as long as possible so it can work it’s magic.

Conair ion shine Hair Drier There is nothing special about this hair drier, but a hair drier in general is very necessary. I have long thick hair that takes forever to dry. If I have work, or need to be somewhere in the morning before my hair dries, a blow drier comes in handy.

tumi coat

And don’t forget, a winter coat and warm boots are a must!! This coat is from Tumi, but I got it at Marshall’s for half off! It is made of a light weight, but super warm material. The boots are from Steve Madden, and are just big enough I can wear some really thick socks underneath. This infinity scarf can be wrapped around enough times to keep my neck warm. Leather cloves with cashmere lining are luxurious and warm!


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