January Birchbox 2014

january birchbox 2014

It’s that time of month again.

Literally. My Birchbox always seems to come when I’m “surfing the crimson waves”. (#Cluelessquotes)

My box came a little later this month than usual, but nevertheless, it’s here. And I have it. And I’m happy.

january birchbox 2014

This month’s theme was “Go Time”. Birchbox suggests starting your new year by going out an doing things. Staying active, setting goals and most importantly, using new products.


january birchbox 2014

100% Pure Nourishing Body Cream: I’m not a fan of foil packets. Especially with lotion. It’s messy, and you can’t really get to know the product well. At least they sent 3 packets. The scents are pink grapefruit and coconut, which are 2 of my most favorite scents in the world.

Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle: It says on the card that the scent is addictive. AND OMG THEY ARE RIGHT. I can’t even begin to explain how it smells. A heat protectant and detangler are 2 staples in any girl’s medicine cabinet, so this should be very useful. I love getting mini sizes of products I need for when I travel. I’d much rather bring this than my full size Tresemme heat protectant.

january birchbox 2014


Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser: So amazed to see this in a Birchbox. First off, the packaging, woah. The tube came in its own Tiffany blue box with a little note on how to use it and a muslin cloth. The tube itself is very beautiful as well. I am really looking forward to trying this ever so famous product.

Ruby Wing Polish in Kitten Heels: Apparently, this is a color changing polish. The color in the bottle is a very bright fuchsia, that changes into a rich magenta. Not too much of a change, those are pretty similar colors. I’m sure this is cool and all, but it is a little gimmicky. I don’t want my nail polish to change, I want it to the color I started with!

Ahmad Tea London Samples: Some people hate getting tea in their Birchbox since it isn’t beauty. I love tea, so I don’t mind! I tried the green tea today and absolutely loved it. It says on the card they are a ‘Buckingham Palace apprived brand”…so the queen drinks this?

What did you get in your Birchbox this month? Anything you love?

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