Monday Manicure January 13th (Tuesday Edition)

essie using my maiden name essie using my maiden name

So just go back in time, and pretend I’m posting this on Monday. I was wearing glitter nail polish over the weekend and it took me so long to get it off, I didn’t have time to paint my nails!

If you saw the end of my birthday post, my boyfriend bought me a small set of Essie nail polish as a birthday present. This is one of the colors, Using My Maiden Name. The color reminds me of hydrangeas, which are one of my favorite flowers. There is a hint of pink shimmer too, which adds a nice touch.

The Essie set contains 4 mini sized bottles. I love these mini bottles because it is impossible to use up a full bottle of polish. I have a completely unnecessary amount of nail polish, and yet I can’t stop buying it. With smaller bottles, instead of full sized ones, I run the possibility of actually finishing one!

Like most Essie nail polishes, Using My Maiden name is a bit sheer. I applied 2 coats on most nails, but a few needed a third coat to be completely opaque.

Today is a rainy, bleak day. Having some bright purple nail polish really helps make the weather seem not so dull. Time to get back to some homework!




essie using my maiden name essie using my maiden name


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6 thoughts on “Monday Manicure January 13th (Tuesday Edition)

  1. Very pretty!…you’re right about full size bottles I dont think I have ever used one up and some are starting to “go bad” lol

  2. What a beautiful color!! Before I started subscription boxes I didn’t have any nail polish now between the sub boxes and me purchasing nail polish, I have a ridiculous amount but I still want more! Haha! I’m with you on the mini bottles. I love the little minis!

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