Laura Mercier Mineral Powder

laura mercier mineral powder

Once upon a time I had a $20 of coupon at Sephora. Oh, what a wonderful thing to have. I spent entirely too much time planning the perfect items to get, to make sure I maximized my value and bought something I would really love.

In my attempts at using more natural products, I wanted to start trying some mineral products. I wasn’t a big fan of bareminerals, but I figured there was more to try.

Two of my favorite bloggers, Essie Button and Kendra have both raved about the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder. I was familiar with a few products from Laura Mercier and was happy with them, so I decided I would take a stab at the mineral powder. And I’m glad I did!

laura mercier mineral powder


Price: $38 for .34 ounces. It is more expensive than bareminerals but you get more product.

Packaging: Plastic container that holds product with perforations for product to get through. Plastic screw on top. Seems secure, and not prone to spillage. Perforations allow just enough product to come out so there is no waste and it doesn’t get everywhere. Classic Laura Mercier colors and fonts.

Color Selection: There are only 8 colors in the selection. They range from very pale to medium warm color. I use Natural Beige which is in the middle of the selection. The product blends well, so if the color is slightly off for you, it could still work. I found the mid range colors to be very warm in tone. Similar to bareminerals, there is a slight sheen or shimmer to the product, so keep that in mind when picking a color.

Use: For applying the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. And boy is it a match made in heaven. I apply it to my face in sections. Each cheeck, nose and chin, then forehead. I shake a little bit of the product into the lid for each section. I like to make sure the product is really worked in before adding another layer. I usually only need 2 layer on my chin and nose. A little goes a long way for sure.

Staying Power: I haven’t used this in hot weather yet, so I can’t say how it works in sweat and humidity. In just normal, dry weather, the staying power is pretty great. I have found that with all Laura Mercier products. A day at work or a day out doing errands, the powder stays the whole time. I do find it is more likely to transfer to clothes though.

Overall opinion: So overall, I’m really happy with this product. It is easy and quick, which is great for early mornings. I am amazed at the coverage. I thought it wouldn’t cover any spots or redness, but I was wrong. I barely need any concealer. It feels very light weight on the skin compared to a liquid foundations. I have a feeling this is a product I will want to repurchase. Luckily, I think the container will last quite a long time.

Have you ever used this product, or any other mineral powder?

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15 thoughts on “Laura Mercier Mineral Powder

  1. I haven’t tried any of their products yet. But, I do use mineral makeup. I like BellaPierre personally. Totally with you on no loving bareminerals, made me look cakey.

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