Monday Manicure January 6th

julep nic

OK so technically it’s Tuesday but just bare with me for a moment.

I live in Philadelphia. It is extremely cold here. MY HEAT BROKE over the weekend. So I pretty much just had to put everything on hold and escape to my parent’s house for the weekend. Thankfully they live pretty close. Heat is fixed now, and I have my first day of Winter term today.

I was looking at past manicures I’ve done and my most popular are always the ones where I do any form of nail art. It had been more than a few weeks since I did any polka dots, so here we go! Polka dots for this week. I used a new color my mom got me for Christmas from Julep. The color is ‘Nic’. It is a very, very dark eggplant creme. The color almost looks black! The formula was a bit thicker than other Julep polishes, but I only needed 2 coats so that is okay. The gold dots are ‘Golden’ by Revlon. I hate this color on its own, but is nice for metallic accents on nails.

It is -5 F right now and I really need to go buy textbooks, but I think I should just stay inside. For like, safety reasons.

This past week:

The yellowest of yellow apples.


Danny and I finally went to ‘Pizza Brain’, this hipster pizza place everyone had been talking about. It was okay, I prefer brick oven pizza with less toppings.


Waffle maker for Christmas means lots and lots of waffles. And Kahlua coffee.


It was cold. Bars are expensive. People are loud. New Years 2k14 was spent inside under a blanket with my best friend.


Started the New Year off with a deep cleansing mask.


Weekend at home means weekend snuggled up with my favorite cat in the whole world.


Hope everyone had a lovely new year, and for those in America, don’t freeze!!

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