Thirsty Thursday: Homemade Cranberry Infused Vodka

cranberry vodka

Happy Thursday everyone!!

If you’re a real like adult, you probably had to work today. I’m a graduate student, so I’m still on winter break. Either way, we all deserve a drink, right?

I have loved making my own infused vodkas for the past few years now. My sister got me into it when she made me basil vodka for my birthday. Last year, my boyfriend’s mom was trying to find cranberry vodka to make a martini with. We couldn’t find it anywhere, so this year I decided I would make my own to give to her as a Christmas present.

It’s yum.

cranberry vodka

To make an infused vodka (or rum, tequila, bourbon, whatever) you don’t need expensive liquor. I decided to go with Smirnoff because the label was red which would go with the drink, but you can use whatever your heart desires.

Next, you need your fruit, herb, bacon? or spice that you want to infused. I’ve seen rosemary vodka, mint rum, bacon bourbon…the possibilites are endless. With herbs, you can just throw them in a jar with the vodka. For fruits, I usually cook them, just a minute or two to start getting the juices out. Cranberry have a hard exterior. I cooked them till they ‘popped’ added a few slices of lemon, and put that in the jar with the whole 750 mL of vodka.

cranberry vodka

For the cranberry, I let it sit about 4 days. It got much more potent than I even expected. It’s best to just try it every day or so and wait till it gets to where you want it.

SHAKE IT. Ya gotta shake it to make sure all the vodka is being infused. Make sure to use something with a tight lid.

Since this was a present I added a little label, but that ain’t necessary.

I want to start making more infused liquors and simple syrups, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

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