Monday Manicure December 30th

julep jillian

Sorry it has been so long since a monday mani!! With finals, then winter break, my schedule got very messed up. I hadn’t been keeping up with my nails, and found myself doing them odd times of the week and not having a camera around…but I’m back now.

I’m looking forward to starting a new year in a few days, and getting back on a real schedule. School, work, blog, gym…I think I’ll be busy! Instead of a silvery, sparkly New Years manicure, I kept it a little simple. I just don’t care about the holiday enough to get all fancy for it.

julep jillian

Julep Jillian is one of the most unique colors I’ve used in awhile. It was in my December Julep Maven  box, and I just finally got around to using it. In the bottle, the color looks like a really deep red, but on the nails it comes out more of an eggplant color. There is bronzey gold shimmer mixed in, that creates a really nice glow. Sadly, my nails started to chip really fast. I’ve never had too much a problem before with Julep polishes chipping, so maybe it is something about the color? Either way it looks really pretty!

One of my favorite dinners. Roasted fig and blue cheese salad, ricotta meatballs. Yum.




Cold, icy days…


Sold in Urban Outfitters. Shel Silverstein is now hipster.


New friends in parking lots.


My boyfriend’s Mom’s tree. Presents galore.


Leeks are alien food?


Chinese Christmas lunch!

chinese food

This dog is in the museum I work at…


I’m going to do a Christmas break post soon, so come back for more fancy pictures of my mom’s food!

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4 thoughts on “Monday Manicure December 30th

  1. I had that same color and was expecting a dark red. I didn’t care for the eggplant-ish color on me personally (I usually don’t like purples)..luckily I was able to trade it. I LOVE Mia and am thinking to do that for New Years 🙂

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