Winter Wish List 2013

First an update on my Fall Wish List. I purchased the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque, but I’ve only used it once! I had others I was trying to finish up before diving in. I also purchased the REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, and I’m in love with it. I’m still really hoping to get some of the other items on my list, but it could be awhile.

Now onto winter. A lot of the items on this list have nothing to do with winter, they are just items I’ve noticed recently that would be lovely to own. I really should try to keep it more seasonal! I love shopping, but sometimes I can get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff out there that I buy things when I see them, rather than saving money to buy the things I’ve actually been wanting for awhile. Keeping a seasonal wish list helps me remember the things I actually want.


Hourglass Makeup

I’ve been seeing Hourglass make up on every blog and YouTube page recently. The brand is pretty expensive for me, but I really want to try a few things. The lighting powders feel like butter…and the mineral veil primer feels so luxurious. Their make up also has less chemicals than a lot of other brands. I’m thinking I’ll have to save up a bit and finally purchase something…but where do I start?


Rifle Paper Co Notebooks

I’m not a huge list maker, but I think I would be if I had these notebooks. They are adorable. I love the floral patterns Rifle Paper uses. They make invitations for weddings…and I just KNOW I’m going to be needing those. Everything they make is just amazing. Maybe I’ll start taking notes on paper instead of my computer for class!


The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida

I heard about this book on The Daily Show, and instantly new it was something I would want to read. It was written by a Japanese boy with autism. It became a best seller quickly, and has had so much positive review from a number of people. I love reading all genres, but I really love non fiction the most. I love knowing the characters I’m getting invested in are real.


Leather Boots

I am in desperate need of a nice pair of warm leather boots. I don’t know what is taking me so long. There are so many pairs out there at so many different prices it gets overwhelming. There isn’t a specific style or color or anything I’m looking for. Whenever I see a pair I really like, they end up costing a lot more than I can spend! Beauty, it’s so hard.


Molecule 01 Perfume

I’m not even sure if they sell this in American. I’ve found it on a lot of British sites that ship to America, but considering it is already expensive, I don’t want to have to pay for shipping too! Molecule 01 is like a magic perfume, from what I’ve heard. It reacts to your body’s pH (???) and smells slightly different on everyone. A lot of people say they always get a ton of compliments when they wear it.



Is this a weird wish list item? I really want a blender. I want to make smoothies, and other things you make in blenders. I honestly don’t know why I don’t have one. I could buy one on Amazon and it could be here in 3 days. I think I’m just afraid I’ll buy one and it will break or not work well. I have some weird problem with buying myself things I actually need…


Black Down Jacket

It gets cold in Philadelphia in the winter…and with work early and class late, I’m outside a lot at the colder times of day. I really need a warmer coat. I just want a simple black puffy one that I can’t get tired of, and will make me feel like I’m wearing a blanket while going to class. I’m hoping to find a really good deal on one since it is Christmas time!

What are you hoping for this winter?

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11 thoughts on “Winter Wish List 2013

  1. Love this list! A few reactions:

    Those hourglass ambient light finishing powders are great, such great packaging and such a clever idea/name/concept. Too bad they’re basically sold out everywhere. If you can wait, I might splurge an pick up the palette with 3 finishing powders, so you have a few to choose from depending on the look.

    The perfume looks awesome but I would definitely see if you could get a sample first, since scent is sooo particular. Unlike make up or even skincare, it’s hard to get a feel for any perfume unless you smell it. Also, I used to work at a custom perfume boutique and basically, every perfume will smell different on the individual (don’t be fooled!!).

    Finally, if you have a Uniqlo in your town, I would go there to pick up a winter coat. I have one just like in the picture, and the most amazing part is that it’s so light for being so warm AND it can roll up and fit into a little pouch. I think it’s called their ultra light down coat.

    Loved reading this! Hope Santa gets you some or all of these presents!


  2. I like your list especially the molecule 01 and leather boot entries. I’ve bought the REN Glycol Lactic mask but it hasn’t arrived yet. Is it really as good a the blogosphere say?

  3. Hourglass is amazing. Such a beautiful glow and finish. And their brushes are oh so nice. Definitely worth the splurge. Then again most of my money goes towards makeup…

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