Queen Helene Hair Conditioning Cream

queen helene


Dry skin.

Dry hair.

It’s all I think about.

My recent haircut got rid of the dry dead ends on my hair, but I really need to keep up with the conditioning in order to keep them soft and silky. My mom used to use the Queen Helene Hair Conditioning cream when she was younger because it was cheap and easy to find. Because the hair mask I was hoping to buy ended up being $50+ dollars, my mom bought this for me instead. It was like 5 bucks…

queen helene

To start with the bad, this smells weird. It doesn’t have a perfume-y scent at all. Instead, it smells a  bit chemically. At first it made me gag, but now I don’t really notice it. For $5, what can you expect?

The first use did not impress me. The second wasn’t much different. I think my hair was so damaged, nothing could fix it. Now, with my hair freshly cut, and a few more uses under my belt, I can really see this product doing its job.

One thing I really like about this product is its versatility. I notice a difference after leaving it in for just a few minutes in the shower, but it can also be used more intensely for 40+ minutes instead.

My favorite is to dampen my hair, put a hefty amount in my hair, take a loooooong bath, then rinse it out.

While it isn’t the most luxurious feeling product, you get a lot for the price. My hair is definitely a lot softer after using this the past few months. Because I have curly hair, it is important I keep it extra hydrated so it isn’t as frizzy. With a fresh hair cut and a deep conditioner, my hair has been looking amazing!

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3 thoughts on “Queen Helene Hair Conditioning Cream

  1. Thanks for reviewing. It’s funny because the majority of beauty reviews I see on my feed are for high brow products, and I was not expecting to see a jar with ‘CHOLESTEROL’ on the front label. Not sure I would try this but it’s nice to see some diversity as far as price points go.

    Also, not sure if you’d want to put in the time, but I think there are a bunch of home made hair masks you could make that could be a nice and healthy alternative, should you be interested. Good luck!!


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