December Birchbox 2013

december birchbox 2013

It’s that time of the month again!

I love when the doorbell rings and it’s the mail man with a Birchbox I didn’t even realize was in the mail. Instead of a bright pink box, this month’s box came in gold! I like that they added a touch of the holidays. I’m so behind on using Birchbox samples, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want more!

december birchbox 2013

BeeKind Body Lotion

Mmm…this lotion smells so good! Even though it’s a body lotion, it is very light weight, so I may throw it in my purse as a hand lotion instead. According to the package, a portion of sales help support honey bees and sustainable pollination research. Always great to have be able to benefit a good cause.

Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T Skin Perfecting Polisher

Everything in this box smells good. This almost smells like a Christmas tree to me. Am I crazy? This is an exfoliating and toning peel, which is the type of product I’ve been really into lately. I have some scarring I’m trying to fade and this will probably help!

Hairy Rules Curly Whip

First off, this bottle is huge for a Birchbox, second, it also smells really good. This product is the usual curly hair product. Put in wet hair, comb through, air dry. I’m going to use this in the morning, and if I like it I’m going to put it in my travel bag. It will probably last 2 weeks or so.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Sheer Glo in Birchbox Love

Honestly, when I first saw this I was annoyed. I don’t really like cream highlighters because I find them to be a little hard to apply. After swatching on the back of my hand I think I was mistaken. It really adds a glow, not shimmer. I might try mixing this with a matte foundation. It will also be nice for holiday parties.

Chuao Chocolate Popcorn Pop

Of course I ate this right after photographing. It was delicious. It is a milk chocolate with a bit of a salty taste. The best part, it has Pop Rock type crunchy pieces in it! Mm….

december birchbox 2013


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6 thoughts on “December Birchbox 2013

  1. I’m still waiting on my Birchbox , most reviews or box opening videos say they are unimpressed but their products were rubbish, you seem to have gotten a great box. Fingers crossed that mine is like yours lol

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