Monday Manicure December 9th

essie butler please

Sorry this is late! I’ve been working all day!

It’s the Monday of finals week. 10 page paper due tonight, 4 page paper due tomorrow, presentation on Thursday. Work into between all of that, and then I’m GOING HOME. Just for the weekend though. Ugh.

It’s 11am right now and I am EXHAUSTED. I slept for probably over 10 hours, what it wrong with me. Yesterday was a beautiful snowy day so I spent the whole day on the couch working on papers. And now it’s a disgusting rainy Monday. At least I don’t need to leave the house.

essie butler please

Essie ‘Butler Please’ is a crazy bright blue shade. This color says enough on its own, so no nail art this week! The formula of this polish isn’t the best. I did 3 coats for it to be opaque. I love the color though. It has been snowy and rainy here the past few days so I wanted a bright color to cheer me up a bit. I have a feeling this will chip quickly because the formula was so thin. Hopefully it doesn’t stain my nails…

Leftovers from Thanksgiving turned into an amazing sandwich last weekend…


I asked my boyfriend to draw a picture of me on his computer and this happened.


New phone case! Got it on Amazon for $4.

phone case

My dad bought me a new camera lens! It’ll be great for taking pictures on vacations because it has an amazing zoom.


My blog looks so different on the big screen at work, compared to my 11 inch laptop. Also, do you like my Christmas-y header?

plastic bows

Found this on Netflix…


It snowed ALL DAY Sunday, and the squirrels were leaving prints everywhere.


Sunday night bath time


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