Julep Maven December 2013

julep maven december 2013

It’s been awhile since I bought a Julep Maven box. For $20 a month you receive 2 nail polishes, a beauty item, and usually some little extra surprise. It’s a good deal, but 2 nail polishes a month can get a little excessive!

This month I decided to buy a box because the colors intrigued me and I figured I deserved a little treat!

julep maven december 2013

julep maven december 2013

This month’s beauty product was an eyeshadow palette! Julep has been widening their range of skin care, hair care and make up this year. It really shows they are trying to be more than just a nail polish company. A few Julep products I’ve received have been my favorite! The surprise extra was a set of two cloth hair ties. I’m not sure when I’ll use these, but they sure are cute!

julep maven december 2013

The eyeshadow palette is a neutrals palette. It is really pretty, but I think I’m going to save this for a giveaway or give to someone else. I have so many neutral palettes, I don’t really need another. The colors actually remind me a lot of the new Naked 3 palette. They are neutral, with a rosey, warm hue. The box explains the shadows have ‘Power Cell Complex’ which has reparative and anti-aging benefits, how fancy!

The two nail colors are perfect winter shades. ‘Mia’ is a greenish silver metallic. It is SUPER metallicy, which I love. I have a similar color that is a true silver. I love how ‘Mia’ has this slight green tint to it. This makes the color much more unique. ‘Jillian’ is a deep eggplant color with bronze shimmer. It is very dark, which I love for winter nails. This color is also very unique to me, it looks like something OPI or Chanel would come up with.

If you’ve never bought a Julep Maven box I suggest signing up, as long as you’re a polish lover!

PS If I get 200 follows on WordPress, and 50 followers on Bloglovin by 2014, I’m doing a giveaway!!

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9 thoughts on “Julep Maven December 2013

  1. 2 polishes per month as excessive? I’d hate to tell you how many I bought last month, lol! 🙂 I got the Bombshell box, but had to have Mia as well – can’t wait to try it!

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