Monday Manicure December 2nd



OMG! Am I doing a beauty post? That isn’t a tag? What is this! I got sick, started a job, and had a final project due all in one week. Then I continued to be sick. Then it was Thanksgiving weekend. But now, I am back in my apartment, my cough and sniffles have subsided, and I painted my nails. December is always a weird month for me because of classes and the holidays. I don’t like not having a solid schedule, but I’m going to have to deal with that for a little while.

nail polish


This week I used to nail polishes that are in adorable tiny containers. The brown color is from Urban Outfitters and doesn’t have a name because it came in a set. It is a very light, greyish brown. UO nail polishes are pretty good quality for the price. This navy blue color is from Color Club, I got it in my Birchbox. The color is called Baldwin Blues, and is a deep navy with a ting of teal undertones. In the polka dots it comes across as mostly navy, but it isn’t as dark as my navy nail polish. I really love doing polka dots on my nails because they are easy and look adorable!

Last week my dog stabbed herself with a stick (long story) and so she has to wear a cone 😦



Deconstructed latkes on our way to my Aunt’s for Thanksgiving


We had a cozy fire going during cocktail hour


This year was Thanksgivukkuh! We lit the Menorah before dinner.


My uncle is super into wine, so I was given THREE with my dinner

wine tasting

Now that it’s December, I have started preparing for winter decor, starting with a baby tree!



Happy December everyone! It’s going to be a cold, long winter, but it’s my birthday soon! Hope you all have a beautiful week!

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