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Another tag post! I haven’t had time to upload photos from my camera because I’m swapped with HW this week, so I thought I’d just throw up another tag post so I could at least get something up. This tag was floating around YouTube, but figured it would be just as easy to do it on a blog. I love Fall and now that it is officially chilly fall weather here in Philly, this post seems appropriate!

1. Favorite Candle Scent?

I posted about my favorite fall candles a few weeks ago, but I do have a #1 favorite. And I just finished burning it last night! It is Bath and Body Works Farmstand Apple. OMG it is amazing. It smells just like fresh apples. I like sweet and spicy scents, but my favorite by far is fresh, natural smelling scents.

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Tea, tea, tea! I used to be a coffee addict, but I have switched over tea. Since my apartment is chilly, it is nice to curl up with a cup of tea, and I do that 5 times a day. I’m on cup #2 right now. I love green tea and herbal teas.

3. Do you switch up your make up routine for the season?

Sort of! I like to switch products around often to make sure things are getting used. Every month I’ll switch blush, eye shadows and maybe foundation. I like making sure I’m using colors that go with the season.

4. Favorite Thanksgiving food?

Can I say wine? This pic describes the perfect Thanksgiving. I also really love dessert. Mmm…This year Thanksgiving is on Hanukah so we are making latkes. For SURE that is my favorite this year.

5. Hats or Scarves

Definitely scarves because hat hair. I wear a hat in the dead of winter, but I really prefer scarves. They make me feel like I’m wearing a blanket. Hats just make my head warm.

6. Most worn sweater?

Back in August I was at Gap and saw this sweatshirt. I now wear it all the time. It fits perfectly, and just goes well with so many different things. It isn’t super thick, so I like layering with it.

7. Must have fall nail polish?

I also posted about my favorite fall polishes recently. Of those, my favorites are Essie Chinchilly and Revlon Indigo Night. Chinchilly is such an easy neutral to wear, and Indigo Night is a fun blue. Currently  I have on China Glaze Fast Track and I’m in love!

8. Football games or jumping in piles of leaves?

Honestly, neither. Football is cool or whatever. And leaves are scratchy. I like snuggling in blankets.

9. Skinny jeans or leggings?

Depends where I am! In public? Definitely jeans. In private? Definitely leggings…or sweatpants.

10. Boots or Uggs?

Definitely boots!! In case you were unaware, Uggs are made from dead sheep skin and fur. My most worn pair of boots are short taupe ones from Urban Outfitters.

11. Favorite thing about fall?

Wearing sweaters…drinking warm drinks…the leaves changing…Thanksgiving!!

12. What song gets you in the fall mood?

Uh…music doesn’t really get me in seasonal moods, but I really like Katy Perry Roar right now…

13.What is fall weather like where you live?

It is brisk. Some days are warmer, some days are freezing. It has been very sunny this fall, not a lot of rain.



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