Monday Manicure November 18th


If I get this post up before midnight EST it still counts as Monday!! I’ve had the busiest day, and I think it is evident in the state of my manicure. I did my nails early this morning after a sleepless night. I then spent 9 hours out of my apartment doing HW, on a field trip, and then in class.

I’m exhausted.

The Hunger Games comes out this week. I’m excited. In honor of that I’m wearing China Glaze ‘Fast Track’ which was part of the Hunger Games set they did back when the first movie came out. This color is a shimmery nude, which is so much prettier than a cream nude. China Glaze polishes are really nice, I just wish somewhere near me sold them in stores. Now that I’m home, I had a chance to clean my nails up a bit more. Omg I’m so tired.

I experimented with a bold necklace, plaid and a sweatshirt. It was cozy.


I GOT A HAIR CUT. I have a weird fear of getting my hair cut. But it looks nice.


It was selfie city this week! OOTD: Hungover and need to do errands.


I cleaned every nick and cranny of my windows. Ew.


It was a beautiful day, the leaves were interesting colors, and I got a new photo editing app.


I would eat roasted asparagus everyday if I could.


Today I went on a field trip to a conservation center and saw some awesome Audubon prints!



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