Monday Manicure November 11th


It’s just another mani Monday. I always think that the more work I have to do, the more time I spend on my nails. So even though my homework isn’t done, at least my nails look awesome.

This week was boring. Now that it’s colder out, I pretty much spend all day inside unless I have an errand to run. I love the fall, and layers, and scarves…but my skin hates the dryness, so I’m just doing it a favor.

Hope Fall, or whatever season it is where you live is treating you well. It’s almost Thanksgiving, so that’s getting my through each and every day.


Today’s manicure got a little messy, and all over the place. I usually do my nails at the kitchen table if I’m using tools, but the couch was calling my name today. Above are my manicure essentials. My go to design is always polka dots, but if I have a little more time to spare, it’s flowers. They are so much easier than they look. Just takes a little practice to steady your hands.

As a base I used a number of nude bases. Some have shimmer, some are matte. I like using different bases for designs, it makes an easy manicure look more complicated. Same comes for the flower colors. I did a fall based rainbow. Darker colors rather than bright primary ones. Considering how many polishes I have, it feels good to do one using TEN different colors!


I definitely didn’t go shopping!….Ok I did.


I wore red lipstick to class because I could.


If by any chance you live in or near Philadelphia, go to Nomad Pizza. Now.


Always a good week when a Birchbox comes. 


I was having a good hair day, but I stayed in wearing a sweatshirt instead. 


Look at this yummy recipe!


I spilled.


My apartment is cold so I hide in my scarf and sweatshirt all day. 


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Have a good week!


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