November Birchbox 2013


Usually I’m anxiously waiting the arrival of my Birchbox. I’ve looked up the tracking number 10 times, and already looked at what would be in my box on the website. Not this month! I came home from a lovely afternoon out to find a cute little pink box waiting on my doorstep. It is so much more exciting when it’s a surprise! Last month I started thinking about canceling my subscription because I was disappointed in my last few boxes. Things changed this month! I love everything in my box, which is just such a great feeling!



Color Club Nail Polish in Baldwin Blues: In the summer I received a color club nail polish that was the most amazing shade of purple. This color is an amazing shade of blue! It’s dark but not as dark as my navy polish. It’s blue, but with a ting of teal too it. It will be a great color for fall and winter. Hopefully the formula is just as nice as the other Color Club polishes I’ve tried.

Miss Jessie’s Leave in Condish: I’ve tried a number of Miss Jessie’s products through Birchbox, and I’m smitten. I have curly hair I’ve never really learned to deal with, and this products are designed for curly hair. Leave In Condish is a new product from them. This foil packet has a lot of product in it, so it should last a while (for a sample). PS Miss Jessie’s is having 40% of on their site right now, so go get some things!

theBalm Staniac: I’d heard about this product before, so I was excited to find it in my box. If you’ve heard of Benefit Benetint, it is a similar idea. It is a lip and cheek stain, in a dark red color. Benetint comes in a liquid form with a brush, while Staniac comes in a gel/gloss form with a doe fit applicator. It is really easier to apply this to the lips, and it leaves a beautiful red stain. Looking forward to experimenting with this.

TOCCA Crema da Mano: I’m running out of my hand cream I leave in my purse, so to receive a hand cream in my box was a miracle! This cream has a slight grapefruit scent and blends into the skin nicely. So happy to get something I really needed!

Mighty Leaf Tea Pouches: At first I was annoyed to see a non beauty product in my box. But. I drink a lot of tea, and I’m always looking for new and delicious ones. I’ve already had one of them and it was delicious. I wish these had come with a coupon, but I’ll probably by a box either way.



What did you get in your box? Hope you loved yours too!

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