Favorite Brushes and Care


Make up brushes. Our beauty tools. For a long time I had 2 make up brushes. And eyeshadow brush and a powder brush. When I started to get more into make up, I realized I needed to expand in order to achieve the looks I wanted. Now, I have way too many brushes. I feel like it can take a while to find the perfect brush. Some are too stiff, some are too wide…it takes searching.

Above, are my most used brushes/favorite brushes. I have brushes I use a lot that aren’t pictured, because I don’t really like them, and am still searching for a better one.

Crown Brush Angle Contour: For awhile this was my go to brush to apply foundation. I then decided it was too big and messy. Now I use it for a variety of things. Apply powder under my eyes, blending out foundation on my neck or even for bronzer. It’s pretty dense, so it tends to eat up too much liquid foundation

Real Techniques Contour Brush:  This brush is so soft and lovely. I use this mostly for setting my under eye concealer. It is also nice for powdering just small areas of the face. I think it’s too small to contour with, but I’m also just not a skilled contour-er.

Crown Pointed Blender: I don’t really have a specific use for this brush, I just seem to find myself picking it up a lot. It is nice for setting concealer, blending out eyeshadow, or even applying highlight. I have the same brush in a larger size that I use for the same purposes sometimes.

MAC 168 Angled Contour: Wait, I have a lot of contour brushes, but I don’t contour…This is my blush brush. It’s small, so I can easily focus the product where I need it. I like that it’s white because it’s pretty, but it is impossible to get clean! It is the softest brush I’ve ever used. MAC brushes are amazing!

Eco Tools Full Eyeshadow Brush: This is the brush I use for all over shadow. It is wide and flat, so the shadow is focused onto the lid without falling out. I really like Eco Tools brushes, they are really great for the price.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush: If you don’t have the brush, just go get…just go. Every single foundation is a dream to apply with this brush. Make up looks smooth and even. I really think I will never need to use a different brush for foundation ever again.

MAC 217 Blending Brush: Another brush you just need to go get. You could easily do an entire eye look with this brush. It blends out shadow so well, but you could also just apply shadow all over the lid with it. The slightly tapered end means you can add highlight to the brow bone too! Only con is that it’s white so it always look dirty…


I try to wash my most used brushes every week, and the ones I use less often every 2-3 weeks. I wish I could get myself to wash all of them every week, but that takes too much time. It’s important to wash your brushes to make sure they are clean of product build up and bacteria. After washing my brushes I lay them on a wash cloth to dry overnight. Also make sure to wash the handles!



I’ve been used Johnson’s Baby Shampoo to wash my brushes lately. It works really well and is super cheap. I am hoping to find one that doesn’t have a scent though. It has a light scent I can’t explain, it isn’t bad, it’s just annoying. I just rinse the brushes under warm water, poor a little shampoo in my hand, swish around and rinse. Depending on the amount of build up on the brush, I’ll do this a few times.

What are your favorite brushes? I’m always searching!

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