October Empties 2013


It’s interesting to see what you throw out each month, by collecting it in a bag in the corner of your bathroom. I really thought I wouldn’t have any empties this month, but I started reorganizing some things and realized I had a few things that just needed to be thrown out. So this is more of an October Trash, rather than empties.

I love finishing a product. Is that weird? It gives me a sense of satisfaction. I’m also trying to reclutter, and finish off non-natural products, so it is even more fulfilling. I have a lipstick I’ve been trying to finish up, so I’ve been using it everyday for weeks. It. Is. Taking. For. Ever. Ok trash time.


I will almost always have an empty pack of Simple Cleansing Wipes. They work, they’re easy, I know they don’t break me out. I’m hoping to find a make up remover I like not in wipe form though, because those wipes are just adding to our already large landfills.

I bought this Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen on a whim once, and now it needs to be thrown out. It just…doesn’t work. Not enough product comes out, and the pen just ends up ruining whatever polish was there to begin with. The color was also too light. It’s supposed to be a pearly white, but it is really transparent.

This Garnier Ultra Lift Eye Roller is a thin serum you roll under your eyes. I’ve been using it for like…a year, and there is still some product in it. I’m pretty this make wrinkles worse. Since I’ve stopped using, my under eyes have looked better.

I don’t even want to think about how long I’ve had this Sally Hansen VitaSurge Strength Gel. I was looking through my nail care drawer and found it…I have really weak nails. Always have. I was never sure if I was even using this stuff right, so I can’t really say if it works. I prefer cream or oil for my nails. This stuff never really sinks in.

Aveeno Positively Nourishing body wash in Fig and Shea Butter….I had you for way too long. I got excited it was on sale and bought 2 bottles of it. The scent was pretty nice, I love fig, and it was definitely hydrating. I won’t be repurchasing it though…on to natural skin care!

My first…and last EOS Lip Balm in Pomegranate. These things were just so hip last year. Everyone was talking about them. Yes it’s adorable…but it really doesn’t work too well, and the scent faded. It was fun to use at first, but toward in the end I found I was just trying to use it up. It wasn’t hydrating at all. It just sat on my lips, and didn’t sink in. Also, there is still a ton of product left in the container, but I can’t apply it without hitting my lips on the side.

Now for an awesome lip balm…the Julep Day Defense. This sadly is no longer available. But I loved it! The scent is Vanilla Mint…mm.. It was really smooth, and worked really amazingly paired with drying lip sticks. I used every last drop of this baby, and it will be missed.

Another product that I feel like I had forever…Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Foam. I think I bought this for the packaging. The mousse was so thick, it did nothing to give me light fluffy curls. It was also really hard to distribute the product evenly. I always ended up with crunchy patches!

Sample time! Paula’s Choice BHA9, I don’t even understand what this stuff really is, but it worked wonders in the 3 days I used it. It is supposed to cure all sorts of skin issues. I find samples break me out usually, but this cleared my skin up so nicely. This AHAVA Time to Hydrate lotion was only used because it was a company I am interested in. I liked it, but it was nothing special.

Hope you liked my trash. I’m thinking November might be a really really good month for finishing stuff up!

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One thought on “October Empties 2013

  1. I love reading other empties posts – it’s always interesting to see what others have loved enough to use up (or not!) and what they really think. And of course keeping a giant stash under control.

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