Favorite Things: Fall Candles


Fall. It smells like pumpkins, apples, spices and warmth. Well, at least is does if you go to Bath and Body Works and buy candles! Fall is my favorite season because of the clothes, the food, the holidays and the smells. I recently stocked up on a few candles to get me through the season, and they smell amazing.


Autumn Day: This smells like an….Autumn Day. It is has some citrus notes, but the underlying smell is the way freshly fallen leaves smell. I honestly don’t know how to describe that. It is warm, and fresh. I love this one because it isn’t too overpowering, instead it just refreshing.

Farmstand Apple: This is the best candle I have ever smelled. It smells exactly like an apple farm. Very crisp scent, very fresh. It isn’t too sweet, like some fruit candles can be. They really got this one spot on. I could smell it forever.

‘Tis the Season: Okay, so technically this is a winter candle, at least I assume so from the snowman. I find winter and fall candles to be overlapping, at least in terms of the scents I like. This candle has a bit more spice too it than the previous two, but still has a refreshing scent.

Pumpkin Caramel Latte: Time for the sweet. The first time I burned this candle I was so overwhelmed with sweetness I needed to eat something salty. I got used to it (and also I think candles lose their potency after a few burns) and now I love it. It smells like dessert! I wish more of the latte came out to tone it down, but it still is amazing. I like burning this after dinner, it feels like eating dessert to me.


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