Monday Manicure October 21st


Better that then never right? I woke up feeling sick today, so I didn’t really have the brain capacity to paint my nails and type sentences about them.

It is almost the end of October, wow, and it sure feels like fall! My radiators are always really hot or not on at all, so I’m going to need to figure out that pretty soon. I’ve been quite lazy lately, and feel like my to do list hasn’t gotten any shorter in the past few weeks. I’m hoping I can get back into the swing of things soon.


I pulled out my one and only Chanel nail polish today, and paired it with my Deborah Lippmann top coat and base coat. This color is pretty famous, it is called ‘Peridot’. It came out…2 years ago? It is limited edition but you can find it for ridiculous prices on eBay. Or you can just buy one of the many dupes that have come out over the years! Chanel nail polishes are the most amazing formula. It almost makes it worth the $25 price tag. Painting my nails with this is a dream. A buttery, smooth, shiny dream. The color is a greenish gold, that is sort of duo-chrome. It is impossible to get a picture that shows it justice. Chanel really new what they were doing designing this color!

This week I made pumpkin muffins, finally. It’s fall after all!


A Shake Shack opened on my campus, and while I’ve been to Shake Shack a number of times, I couldn’t pass up one being open down the street!


Coffee date with my mister! He’s the coolest in his Ray Bans.


My mum plant died. Hopefully I can snatch up another one soon before the season is over. 


I made fried rice and put an egg on top and it was yummy.


I went home for the weekend and there was a pet parade on my block. It was the cutest!


My cat is getting old, and now that it is colder out she wants to snuggle all the time to get warm. 


It was a beautiful sun shiny day on the Delaware River.


Halloween means creepy zombie dolls at decorations.


How was your week? Hope you’re feeling better than I do!

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Ole Henriksen


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