25 for Trevor

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed
Image courtesy of Buzzfeed

Hey guys! So I just wanted to let you know about a post I saw on BuzzFeed today. Wade is a 25 year old trying to raise $25,000 dollars in 25 days. The money is going to support The Trevor Project in order to end suicide amongst LGBT youth.

He is already about a quarter of the way there, but the only way to reach his goal is if everyone pitches in.

I have a few friends in the LGBT community, but more importantly are the thousands of people out there who may not have a good support group. It is always so depressing to know about a young man or women who chose suicide as the answer, when no one else was there for them.

A few years back an 18 year old boy named Tyler Clementi killed himself by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. His roommate at school had posted video footage of him kissing another man. The roommate was from the town I grew up in, which made this incident feel a lot closer to home. I just couldn’t believe someone who group up in a wealthy suburb of New Jersey could have such negative feelings toward this subject.

Anyway, click here to donate! I would love to see Wade reach his goal in way less than 25 days. I have so much respect for people who put themselves out there like this. Good luck Wade!


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