LGLG Chapter 6: Dare to go Bare

Look how this filter made the book pop in the photo! Cool.

This is the last chapter of the book that focuses on the main ideas of the book. The next chapters are more specific on what companies make the best products, and what ingredients to look for. I think I’ll stop post after this because I would pretty much just be rewriting everything she wrote.

So now onto the second most important I have learned from reading this book. (The first being that most products are full of chemicals.) It can take your body some time to adjust when switching over to more natural products. A month ago I started using a bunch of skin care products from Michael Todd Organics. At first, my skin looked horrible. I woke up every morning with red blotchy skin. I was so annoyed, mostly because of the money I spent.

Then one morning I realized my skin looked the best it had in awhile. Still far from perfect, but better. Deborah Burnes says that this is normal. Your skin needs to purge the chemicals, in order to adapt to the new product. This was a sigh of relief.

If you are ready to take the plunge into the natural world, just remember your skin might act weird at first. It will take time to find the right products. It will be worth it. If you are patient your body will thank you.

The last few chapters are recipes for homemade products. I will try some of these out and post about them! I am also looking forward to trying a ton of new more natural products. If you have any suggestions please tell me!

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2 thoughts on “LGLG Chapter 6: Dare to go Bare

  1. I lvoe the sound of this book! I’ll have to give it a read.I’m big on organic and natural products and ingredients etc. so I’m glad you’ve mentioned this!
    I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award http://wp.me/p3UUW8-6Z as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the variety of your posts and style!
    Keep blogging!

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