Home Decor: Vintage Accessories


If you saw my mom’s house, you’d understand why I like decorating with vintage items. I like having a few vintage things mixed in with everything I have from Target, Ikea…my boyfriend’s parents house…. They are unique, fun to talk about, and usually pretty quirky I find. My mom shops at a lot of thrift stores, antique stores, and went through a long eBay phase. Now that I have my own place, and I can start buying all the weird stuff I want.

I have pretty much already run out of decorating shelf space, but I’m still always on the hunt for new cool items. I’m starting to look for old books, because I think they could fill up a few little cracks I do have left. Etsy is also a great place for stuff, but it can be overpriced. Sometimes I find something on there and I just HAVE to get it though!


My bar has some cute things my mom bought me as a 21st birthday present (my mom is AWESOME!) First, I have two carafes. One has an Eiffel Tower on it, and one is actually an old french liqueur bottle. That one is actually a music box. Yes, I just said that. See that little person inside the navy bottle? It’s a ballerina that dances. I also have a number of salt and pepper shakers, but the ones on my bar DOUBLE as a wine opener and bottle opener. I have a few sets of those actually. On top I have an old candy dish full of quarters for laundry, and a french coffee tin full of change. Next to those are a few old jam jars full of corks for an art project!

I also have this super cool bar guide. It has almost 100 recipes in it. It is kind of like the worlds first app. You turn the white dial and it shows you a new recipe. I don’t use it much but it is quite the conversation piece!


In my kitchen I have a wide window ledge above my sink. During part of the day sunlight comes in through this window, and lights up my kitchen. I have started to add some accessories to this shelf. First I have these goose napkin rings. I think these are really cute, and now my mom keeps buying me tons of stuff with geese on them. Behind that is a salt and pepper shaker rack, that I can’t hang up anywhere because my walls are brick. I’m sure I’ll find somewhere better for it.

Since light comes in, I thought it would look really cool to have a bunch of glass wear on the shelf. I don’t have a lot yet, but I am liking how it looks. Some of these are just old boring jars, while others are actually cool. I have an old milk jug, a medicine bottle from where my boyfriend grew up, and yes, another goose thing.


My book shelves aren’t packed with books yet, so it is nice to fill in the spaces with accessories. I have this cool set that is meant for oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, but I just loved how it looked so I just placed it on the shelf. I also have this cool cocktail shaker with old school drink recipes on it. The rest of the shelves have a lot of picture frames, and random things.

Can’t wait to gather more things. I’ll never have enough stuff!

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