LGLG Chapter 4 and 5: The Conventional Product and The Natural Product


These two chapters were so interesting to read. They focus on the process of how a product goes from an idea to on the shelves. People don’t usually think about where their products, or even food come from. Learning about the steps makes you a more informed person so you can make a smarter decision while shopping.

One thing that really stood out to me was where the ideas for products came from. For a conventional product, marketers come up with the idea. They know they want a cleanser that fights acne and contains a certain fruit, because that is whats trendy. The marketers go to the chemists and have them design a product that fits their wants.

For a natural product, the chemist design a product based off of what they know could turn into a great, useful product. These people know ingredients, so they design products based on working not selling.

Another big part of these chapters was packaging. Larger companies have a ton of money to spend on anytime of packaging and labeling they want, and the market share to buy these in large quantities. Small, more natural companies only have a few options for packaging which are probably less snazzy and unique. Even if they design a more attractive label for them, they do not have the money to spend on buying labels in bulk. The natural companies have to spend more on packaging and even chemicals, which is why a lot of times they are more expensive.

Knowing this makes buying natural products seem like you are actually getting what you pay for, and you know where your money is going. More natural ingredients cost more, it is just a fact. The plus side is that they actually work better too!

So next time you’re trying to decide between a $6 dollar cream full of chemicals and a $20 cream full of natural oils, try the natural one. You’ll be surprised to find out it actually works.

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