Monday Mani October 7th

IMG_3952 IMG_3951

It finally rained today. I feel like it hasn’t rained in weeks, and as much as I love the sun, I feel like I needed a gloomy day. Luckily for me, I am spending all day inside doing homework so I don’t actually have to go in the rain. I love the sound of the rain while I’m reading, it is very peaceful.

I can’t believe it is already a week into October. It was so hot this week, but I think the rain is bringing a cold front. This week will consist mostly of school work, I feel like I’m already behind. Maybe grad school was a bad idea…?


I chose some colors from my fall nail polish posts for my manicure today. When I have the time I really love using a few colors to create a cute design. I used Sally Hansen “Cafe Au Lait” as my base color. The formula and brush of this polish are amazing. The color is a bit TOO nude though. I don’t think I ever wear it alone, but I love it as a neutral base for nail art. Also from Sally Hansen is “Red Zin”, a deep jelly red that I used for some of the flowers and dots. I love how this color looks with Julep “Boris and Nicole”. The colors are really similar, but the Julep one has some shimmer. I’m probably the only one that will notice that I used 2 colors, since no one ever looks at my nails very closely.


I finally bought grapefruit juice, so I finally got to make Palomas.


Leave started falling, and I wore oxfords.


These are called Shishito peppers, OMG they are SO GOOD.


Only one branch started to change color.


Ahh….Hoegaarden, by far my favorite beer.


Sunday mornings means the boyfriend make breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes with homemade whipped cream.


I find chopping mushrooms therapeutic.

Hope you all had an amazing week! Follow me on Instagram so see what I’m up too!

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